Republican Unveils Bill to HALT Funding For Harris Travel Costs Until She Visits Border

Iowa GOP Rep. Ashley Hinson is introducing a bill that would prohibit taxpayer money from being used for the travel expenses of Kamala Harris until the VP visits the southern border.

During an interview on Fox News, Hinson said her bill, which is called The See The Crisis Act, would prohibit federal funds from paying for Harris’ travel, including using Air Force Two and security details for any travel outside the U.S., until she has visited the border to review the crisis and submitted a report to Congress.

“We have an absolute crisis at the border, and Vice President Harris was appointed to lead the administration’s efforts on the border crisis, but it’s been 56 days, and in that time she hasn’t been to the border once,” Hinson said.

“She hasn’t held a news conference on the administration’s efforts for a plan, and I think it’s time she does that,” she added.

“She’s putting yarn shops and bakeries before the border,” Hinson said of Harris.

“She’s Zoomed with the Mexican president, but I think that sends the absolute wrong message to the men and women that are putting their lives on the line every day, not to mention the men and women and families that live in these communities along the border and the communities of Iowa — every state is a border state,” she added.

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Hinson said if Harris visits the border, “she’d hear exactly what I heard from Customs and Border Protection, which is that they need resources, they need policies to close the spigot of illegal immigration that’s happening at the border.”

“People are concerned,” she said.

“We have thousands of Iowa children waiting for homes, and they should be the priority, and instead the administration has turned a blind eye, encouraged and incentivized illegal immigration at a time when we need to be focused on taking care of our people, and I think that’s what Iowans see and hear and know — so they’ve given me a clear directive to hold the administration accountable, and that’s what I’m doing,” she added.


Biden announced on March 24 that Harris would lead the administration’s efforts at the border, and she has not visited one time to even hold a press event on the crisis.

And, just to be clear, NBC News published a report on March 24 titled: “Biden tasks Harris with ‘stemming the migration’ on southern border.”

Harris is 100% appointed to “handle” the border crisis and she has not visited the border one time since Biden named her.

The border crisis created by the Biden administration is about to get a lot worse in the coming months.

According to a report from CNN, internal government calculations from the Biden administration project that officials expect to encounter an estimated two million people at the border in 2021.

CNN reported:

But combined, the data — based on preliminary reporting as of this month — illustrates the continuing challenge for the Biden administration, which has already faced a series of hurdles on the US-Mexico border, particularly with unaccompanied children and migrants families.

Data reviewed by CNN shows that up to 1.1 million single adults are expected through September, along with up to around 828,000 families and more than 200,000 unaccompanied children. According to the projections, border Patrol encounters are expected to continue to rise month-by-month, which can vary.

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This is the second batch of leaked documents revealing that the Biden administration has created a massive crisis at the border.

According to documents leaked to Axios, the Biden administration is projecting that the number of unaccompanied children crossing the U.S.-Mexico border could spiral from more than 16,000 this month to as many as 26,000 in September.

Almost 110 border-crossers that Biden’s DHS released ended up testing positive for the coronavirus between January 25 and March 1.