Republicans Express Pessimism After Biden Betrayal On “Bipartisan” Infrastructure Deal

Republicans were left flabbergasted after Joe Biden yanked the rug out from under the “bipartisan” deal on a scaled-down infrastructure package that was announced on Thursday. Once again Democrats showed that they were negotiating in bad faith with the intention to betray a foolish group of RINOs after using them as props.

Biden’s signature “American Jobs Plan” has been stalled in the Senate with lawmakers dickering over how best to move forward on a bill with its eye-popping price tag. Despite the cost it allocates only a small percentage of the cost to actual roads, bridges, railways, and waterways. The vast majority is going to Green New Deal social engineering projects including electric cars, “affordable and sustainable” housing, and renaming highways deemed to be racist.

Rather than unify to block the Democrats’ radical transformational agenda, a gaggle of grandstanding Senate RINO’s led by Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, and Lisa Murkowski rode to Biden’s rescue. They worked to arrive at a deal that would allow them to look like saviors who would be showered with media approval.

Some warned that the effort to arrive at a deal with Biden was a bad idea but that didn’t stop the RINOs from pushing ahead anyway. The trio, along with other anti-Trump Republicans, basked in their apparent triumph during a public relations appearance with Biden at the White House.

A beaming Biden proclaimed that, “We have a deal. They have my word. I’ll stick with what we’ve proposed, and they’ve given me their word as well.” He earlier claimed, “A lot of us go back a long way, where we’re used to doing one thing — give each other our word, and that’s the end.”

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Romney crowed, “America works, the Senate works, and we can work together.” Collins chirped, “It was essential to show the American people the Senate can function, that we can work in a bipartisan way,” but they soon found out that they had been played for suckers when Biden immediately double-crossed them.

Speaking to reporters after the dog and pony show with Romney and the RINOs, Biden all but admitted that he played them for fools and was only using them for political cover. He made it clear that he would veto the new deal unless it accompanied another bill with the Green New Deal and other far-left items.

“I expect that in the coming months this summer, before the fiscal year is over, that we will have voted on this bill, the infrastructure bill, as well as voted on the budget resolution. But if only one comes to me, this is the only one that comes to me, I’m not signing it. It’s in tandem,” said Biden.

Biden’s betrayal once again left the useful idiot Mitt with egg dripping off of his face, another monumental blunder from the failed GOP presidential candidate who “choked like a dog” against Barack Obama in a winnable election back in 2012.

Other Republicans expressed anger and pessimism after the RINOs were punked by Biden.

Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell expressed his disappointment; “I was initially optimistic, but [it] can best be described as a tale of two press conferences. After the first one, the president walks out with a bipartisan group and blesses an infrastructure bill that many of my members are quite optimistic about. And then after all of those people depart the White House, the president goes out for the second press conference and says, unless you pass my tax bill, I won’t sign the infrastructure bill. So, what it does is put my members, including myself, who were optimistic about doing a bipartisan infrastructure bill, in the position of our Democratic friends having to guarantee that the 2017 tax bill is unwound. That’s our one red line.” He said.

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham exclaimed that the entire fiasco makes the GOP look like “f**king idiots.”

GOP House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said, “I think my members need a chiropractor ‘cause they got whiplash after watching the president yesterday say there was a deal and say there was no deal, say: ‘You can have a deal on the trillion dollars on infrastructure, but you’ve got to vote for $5 trillion at the same time too, and you’ve got to raise taxes on everybody, and you’ve got to have a Green New Deal.’”

With Biden’s bad faith betrayal, Romney, Collins, and Murkowski are left looking like the proverbial skunks at a party for giving the Democrats the “bipartisan” cover that they desired. Now they’re one step closer to ramming the entire obscene package through with reconciliation and without GOP support.

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