Revealed!!! Drug Cartels Stealing California Resources

California’s senator, Melissa Hurtado, recently made a shocking revelation about international drug cartels illegally draining water supplies from the City to plant marijuana and the likes despite the drought in the City.

These drug cartels reportedly purchased several properties and vacant buildings in California. With these purchased properties, they have built massive glasshouses and farms all around the City, stealing essential resources from the people of California, who have been battling droughts for over a decade. Senator Melissa has identified these cartels as Asain, mainly from China and Russia.

Mike Garcia, District Representative, had confirmed to the media that the cartels were stealing water from California’s watercourse, which flows through Antelope Valley. The perpetrators have been taking the water out of wells through faucets.


The County Sheriff, Sergeant Mike, said to the press that people had ignored the rules because the reward it holds is massive while the punishments, on the other hand, are very minimal. The City’s intent to generate more revenue through the trade of marijuana seems to be the cause of the problem it is currently facing.

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In California, unlawful marijuana farming and ownership with intent to sell are both minor offences, so the punishments are minimal and almost non-existent. This is because California was the first among all the Western States to legalize the usage of marijuana for medicinal purposes in 19 opening doors for other possible uses. Unfortunately, this has diverted many precious resources for the City into thousands of drug farms.

Hurtado, a concerned citizen representing a large farming district in the state, opined that the City needed to get its priorities right. She added that the priorities with water should be for healthy living and food, not for growing marijuana. Just like many other concerned citizens, she fears that it might be too late before the government realizes that legalizing marijuana is only harmful to the environment.

She added that the major problem California is facing is because the State has not taken proper action or any action at all to combat this criminal offence. “Unless you have the federal government looking into the actual company, there is only so much the state can do to learn about these bad actors and their financial schemes.”

People of California now wonder if the legalization of drugs in California is more good or bad as it seems to have more of an adverse effect on them. Hurtado, concerned and quite affected by this situation, sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland on the 17th of May to ask for his help with investigations. However, she did not forget to add her unpopular opinion that the legalization of marijuana in California has made marijuana readily available to those who wish to use it, increasing the number of addicts in the City.

California’s liberalism has now put the City in a tight spot as people wonder what the following line of action might be: leaving the cartels to keep using up the City’s water till hunger and drought finally take over the land? Or withdrawing the support shown to these drug cartels by abandoning relevant policies so the City can thrive again?

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