Ridiculous: Pelosi Rambles about Diversity as Americans Fear “Invasion” from the Southern Border

Things are going about as could be predicted within the Democrat coalition, with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi taking the time to ramble about how much money the government is spending on “diversity” in the Inflation Reduction Act. In doing so, Nancy showed herself to be wholly out of touch at a time when average Americans are struggling under the burden of inflation, seeing the economy dancing on the edge of a precipice, and fearing an invasion is coming across the southern border.

Pelosi’s comments came during a speech of hers ostensibly about the “Chips and Science Act.” Turning from that other leftie bill to the Inflation Reduction Act and how creat it is for “diversity” and the “climate crisis,” Pelosi said:

“In any event, this is a triumph that takes place in the context of just this couple days, yesterday the President — two days ago, the President signing the IRA, not to be confused with anything going on in Ireland, but the Inflation Reduction Act.

“In that bill, he has $60 billion for diversity as we meet the challenge of the climate crisis directly connected, as you mentioned, to what we’re doing here. So, again, it’s about inclusion, it’s about investing in our children, our future education in research. It’s about doing so in a way that is respectful of great diversity of views, and we could not have done it without the intellectual resources, some of whom you see here, without the private sector enthusiasm for it, because this needs to have — to be a public-private partnership and it couldn’t happen without really the tremendous leadership of our president, Joe Biden.”

Thank you Nancy, very cool! Who doesn’t want to blow billions on “diversity” as inflation tears through the economy like Hunter tears through a pile of “parmesan” rocks?

In any case, as Nancy rambled about diversity and how much money Brandon is blowing on it, real America responding to horror with all the “diversity” we’re getting from Honduras and Oaxaca, among other places, with over half of those polled in a recent survey referring to the tidal wave of humanity roaring across our southern border as an “invasion.”

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Specifically, NPR and Ipsos recently conducted a survey of 1,116 Americans over July 28-29 and found that 54% of those who responded realize that there is an “invasion” at the southern border.

Included among that 54% of at least somewhat clear thinkers were a total of 76% of Republicans, 46% of independents, and 40% of Democrats.

So many Americans from various different political views at least somewhat agree that America is being invaded by a horde coming across the southern border but Nasty Nancy is busy rambling about diversity and how much Brandon is spending on it than exerting any effort to deal with that invasion or force the executive branch to do so. Sounds about right for the current Democrat “leadership.”

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