RIGGED: Biden Town Hall Questioners Included Former Obama Speechwriter

There is no question that the corrupt establishment is working overtime to protect Joe Biden from real scrutiny but the depths that they have gone are mind-boggling. 

Take for example Thursday night's town hall which was nationally televised by ABC that spared the geriatric gaffe machine from a second head-to-head debate with President Trump.  


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Not only was longtime Clinton family operative George Stephanopoulos selected as the event's host but that those who were chosen to lob the softball questions at the former vice president include planted ringers. 

Fox News blew the whistle on the ABC's rigged town hall by reporting that one of the questioners was a former Obama administration speechwriter; a massive conflict of interest in that he was in the position while Biden was the veep. 

Via Fox News, "Biden's ABC town hall questioners include former Obama speechwriter, wife of former Pennsylvania Dem candidate":

Two of the questioners at the ABC town hall featuring Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Thursday had ties to high-profile Democrats, including one questioner who previously worked as a speechwriter in the Obama administration.  

The queries came as President Trump, hundreds of miles away, was engaging in his own parallel town hall being aired on NBC. The ABC town hall was hosted by George Stephanopoulos, who was a communications director for the Bill Clinton White House and who has been a political journalist since 2002.  

One of the questioners at the ABC-hosted event was Nathan Osburn, a former speechwriter for the Obama White House. Osburn specifically worked for the Office of Public Affairs at the Commerce Department under the Obama-Biden administration and at the Small Business Administration. 

Osburn's profession was listed as "communications" on the ABC town hall graphic and his city was listed as Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  

Osburn was quoted in the Philadelphia Inquirer earlier this year as "a former Obama administration speechwriter" who had created a "Philly for Pete group" aimed at boosting former Democratic presidential primary candidate Pete Buttigieg. And the LGBTQ Victory Institute listed Osburn as a senior speechwriter for the Small Business Administration in an article praising the Obama-Biden administration for its LGBTQ hiring practices. 

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Another one of the hand-picked questioners was the wife of a man who Fox describes as a "high-profile Democrat in Pennsylvania" and who is the one that posed a question to lunchbucket Joe about transgenderism in the military. 

While Biden was being fed carefully screened questions by Democrat party operatives, President Trump was being savaged by NBC's Savannah Guthrie on his competing town hall that was also clearly rigged against him. 

The debate that as canceled was also a sham with moderator Steve Scully who has ties to Biden being caught red-handed for being a dishonest, biased hack when he slipped up and tweeted out a direct message to Anthony "The Mooch" Scaramucci. 

Scully then lied that his Twitter account was hacked but came clean after C-SPAN which is his employer suspended him. 

To Democrats and the rotten establishment that they serve, the ends always justify the means in the pursuit of power and cheating is just another tool in the shed. 


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