RNC Chairwoman Reveals Which 2020 Dem She Thinks Can Beat Trump

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel took dead aim at the crowded 2020 Democratic field on Thursday and mocked them for pushing socialist policies.

During an appearance Thursday on Fox News' "America's Newsroom," McDaniel spoke about the 2020 election and which of the Democratic candidates she thinks can beat President Donald Trump.


Her answer? None of them.

Both Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden held rallies on Thursday night in New Hampshire -- and McDaniel said she would love to compare crowd sizes.

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Although Biden is the Democratic frontrunner, McDaniel said she’s not worried about him or any other Democrat who may secure the party nomination.

"I’d love to see the crowd size at both rallies. I think President Trump’s going to have more a lot energy, a lot bigger crowd," McDaniel began.

"The president gets to go to New Hampshire and say, ‘your unemployment is the lowest it’s been since the 1980s in New Hampshire. You’ve added more jobs. The economy is doing well under my presidency, and it’s time to put me over the top, reelect me and win New Hampshire this time,'" she added.

Trump lost New Hampshire in the 2016 election by around a half of a percent to Hillary Clinton -- but McDaniel said she’s confident Trump will win the state in 2020.

She also made it clear that she's not worried about any of the Democratic candidates beating Trump.

"Oh, I’m not concerned about any of them as I watch them in their debates," McDaniel emphatically declared.

"They’re socialist, they are saying that government’s the answer to everything, and President Trump gets to run on, jobs [that] have come back, wages are up, unemployment record lows for Hispanics, African Americans, Asians, women," she added.

She continued, "He has pushed our economy into full gear, and he is doing things that are making lives better for the American people. All Democrats can offer is more government control."


While liberal mainstream media polls claim that Trump would lose to a handful of Democratic candidates in 2020, actual data from researchers shows the president has a strong chance of securing a second term.

Last month, a major poll that predicted former President Barack Obama would win re-election in 2012 found that Trump will win in 2020 because he currently has the highest approval numbers of his presidency.

In June, Steven Rattner published a report citing three different modelers that are predicting the president will secure a second-term in office.

Rattner, who served as the Treasury secretary in the Obama administration, reveals that top economists and modelers argue that the data points to Trump winning no matter who secures the Democratic nomination.

Bookies are also beginning to set the early odds for who has the best chance of winning the 2020 presidential election, and Trump is the clear favorite.

The 2020 election is still a long way away, but many already see Trump as the clear favorite to win re-election.