Rob Schneider Has Tweet Of The Year About Liberal California Voters

Actor and former Saturday Night Live comic Rob Schneider hammered California voters while responding to comments made by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

During an event at the London School of Economics back in April, Pelosi said that Democrats didn't win Congress by focusing on socialist ideas: "When we won this election, it wasn't in districts like mine or Alexandria [Ocasio-Cortez's]. Those are districts that are solidly Democratic," she said. The speaker then held up a glass of water and said, "This glass of whatever would win with a D next to its name in those districts."


On Wednesday, Schneider joked about Pelosi's metaphor by tweeting: "Unfortunately, people in California would vote for a bowl of s*** if it had “D” next to it."

Check out the hilarious tweet below:

Many people agreed with Schneider in his comment section. "As a Californian, I can attest to this," said one Twitter user.

OMG another person who makes sense!!!  I'm so glad I'm not completely alone out here in the land of imbeciles..." said another.

Conservative Mindy Robinson joined in: "Don’t forget the “ballot harvesting” Jerry Brown snuck in. Explain to me why completely strangers can collect hand in other people’s ballots?"

Twitter user Leslie Soule called out "California's Deep State's spider web," saying: True. "But it’s not the elected positions that are the most dangerous to our beautiful state. It’s the unelected positions - the ones that citizens can’t do anything about. The California Deep State’s spider web."

Another Twitter user raised a good question: "How do they vote, over and over, to simultaneously be the highest-taxed state, and the one with the highest poverty rate (Census suppl. measure 18.1%) and the one with the most homelessness, and the one that spends the most on the homeless?"

The best response award goes to Twitter user "Turkey Trish" who joked about San Francisco's public poop problem: "In other news, the streets of San Fransisco are covered with candidates."

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