Romney Joins Democrats, Demands Creation Of Global Health Coordinator

Mitt just won't quit and like the Democrats, Senator Romney is exploiting the health crisis over the coronavirus pandemic to wage his petty war against President Trump. 

In the latest of Pierre Delecto's stunts, the embittered sore loser has joined with Dem Senator Chris Murphy to push for the creation of what they call a global health coordinator. 


The new position would be accompanied by an inter-agency council that would place the powers of the state in the hands of a non-elected dictatorship of bureaucrats positioned to put a choke chain on the POTUS if he wins a second term. 

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It is the latest in a series of outrageous maneuvers by Romney who made his mark in history be being the ONLY Republican who voted to convict President Trump in the scam impeachment earlier this year. 

Via The Hill, "Romney, Murphy introduce bill to name global health coordinator, council amid coronavirus pandemic":

A bipartisan pair of senators introduced legislation on Friday that would require President Trump to appoint a global health coordinator and create an inter-agency council charged with preparing for pandemics.  

 The bill, from Sens. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) and Mitt Romney (R-Utah), comes after the White House garnered criticism in the midst of the coronavirus for a 2018 decision to disband the National Security Council's global health unit, a decision former national security adviser John Bolton characterized as a "streamlining."  

 "We clearly weren't prepared in this case, and we cannot waste time in establishing new organizations in the federal government that can identify and prepare for health threats before they become domestic crises," Murphy said in a statement.

Romney added that the U.S. response to the coronavirus had "exposed some glaring gaps in our nation’s capacity to respond to a pandemic."

"By establishing a health security council and dedicating a new NSC position to developing global health strategies and coordinating responses, our bill will better prepare us to confront the spread of another infectious disease," he said. 

The failed Republican presidential candidate who didn't have the guts to battle with Trump during the 2016 primaries has been a thorn in the president's side ever since he moved to Utah and filled retired Orrin Hatch's Senate seat. 

Romney's co-sponsor Murphy is a ferocious Trump-hater as well as a man of highly questionable loyalty to America who secretly met with top Iranian officials in Germany two months ago.

Not only was Murphy's canoodling with the ayatollah's representatives a violation of the Logan Act but it served as even more proof of whose side that Democrats are really on as they have aligned with repressive terrorist regimes against President Trump.  

It can be argued that Romney was more responsible for the horrors of Barack Obama's second and most ruinous term by choking like a dog in a winnable election against a man who should have been a lame duck president. 

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Instead of sealing the deal, Mitt all but threw the election to Dear Leader who left a poisonous legacy of wrecked race relations, intelligence agencies packed with disloyal rats and a failure to adequately prepare for the pandemic that is now costing thousands of American lives. 

Senator Romney is a despicable and dastardly man, a wealthy scoundrel who instead of retiring to spend time with his family, chose to go to Washington to sabotage President Trump and in the process, sell out America as well.