Romney Rules Out Presidential Run, Gives His 2020 Prediction

There has been speculation in recent weeks that RINO Senator Mitt Romney may try to challenge President Donald Trump in the 2020 Republican primaries however the failed 2012 Presidential candidate is now making it clear that he has no plans on running.

The comments by Romney were made at a roundtable discussion about vaping at a hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. 


"There is no circumstance I can conceive of, where I would run for national office." Romey said, adding that he is certain that President Trump would win in a Republican primary and that he will most likely win in the general election as well.


“I’m not planning on endorsing in the presidential race,” Romney said to CNN. “At this stage, I’m not planning on endorsing in the primary or in the general.”

When asked if he has decided if he will support the Democrats' impeachment inquiry, Romney replied, “No.”

“I would have to look at the evidence as it’s presented,” he added.

“I’ll keep an open mind until and unless there is some kind of decision reached by the House,” he said. “It’s a purposeful effort on my part to stay unbiased and to see the evidence as it’s brought forward.”

President Trump has hammered Romney in the past week for his continuous anti-Trump agenda. Last Saturday, the President shredded Romney in a series of tweets.

URGENT POLL: Do you support Trump against Dem impeachment efforts?

"Somebody please wake up Mitt Romney and tell him that my conversation with the Ukrainian President was a congenial and very appropriate one, and my statement on China pertained to corruption, not politics. If Mitt worked this hard on Obama, he could have won. Sadly, he choked!" President Trump slammed.

He continued: "Mitt Romney never knew how to win. He is a pompous “ass” who has been fighting me from the beginning, except when he begged me for my endorsement for his Senate run (I gave it to him), and when he begged me to be Secretary of State (I didn’t give it to him). He is so bad for R’s!"

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