Romney Sides With Democrats; Defends Vote By Mail

In a story that should surprise absolutely nobody, Mitt Romney has once again sided with Democrats as his long-running snit with President Trump drags on. 

The failed Republican presidential candidate is defending the vote by mail scheme that has been foisted on America by Dems who quickly moved to exploit the coronavirus to further their political agenda. 


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With mail-in voting, Democrats and Never Trumpers like Romney hope to have the perfect way to manipulate the election and restore the White House to establishment control by doing what they have spent four years accusing Russia of doing. 

Vote by mail or "cheat by mail" as it is referred to by some opens the door for ballot fraud on a massive scale as well as the practice of ballot harvesting which Democrats perfected during the 2018 midterm elections. 

President Trump vehemently opposes this scam because, in addition to its inefficiency and the inability of the USPS to manage tens of millions of ballots, it is an open door to stealing the election. 

If Trump is for it, Romney is against it. 

Via The Hill, "Romney breaks with Trump's criticism of mail-in voting":

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) defended mail-in voting on Friday amid criticism from President Trump, saying states should get funds to help bolster their election systems to better handle mail-in ballots.

Romney, during an interview with the Sutherland Institute, was asked if he agreed with Trump's claims — presented without evidence — that voting by mail increases voter fraud.  

"I don't know of any evidence that voting by mail would increase voter fraud," Romney responded. "My biggest concern, frankly, with regards to voting fraud has been that there would be some kind of hacking of our voting electronic systems, and that voting machines or tabulating equipment would be hacked."

Romney added it was "essential" that people who want to vote are able to vote.

"That's more important than even the outcome of the vote. We have got to preserve the principle of democracy or the trend we're on is going to continue to get worse," he said.

"When politicians attack a judicial system, attack a voting system ... attack a free press, these things threaten the foundation upon which not only our own democracy rests but democracies around the world rest," he added.

Romney aka Pierre Delecto may as well be Nancy Pelosi's ventriloquist dummy with talking points like that but the former governor of ultra-liberal Massachusetts has always been a closet Democrat only his hatred of Trump has brought it into the open. 

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Whether it is marching the Marxist-inspired Black Lives Matter movement in front of the White House or being the sole Republican senator to cast his vote against Trump in the impeachment, Romney continues to exhibit his true colors. 

Mitt also seems to be seeking some love from the same media that hated his guts when he ran against Barack Obama in 2012 and choked like a dog by gagging away a winnable election and subjecting America to the ruinous second term of the most radical president in American history. 

Romney has resented President Trump for being successful where he failed but never even had the stones to climb into the ring with the other 16 establishment Republicans including low energy Jeb, little Marco, and fellow Democrat lackey John Kasich and go toe to toe with the political outsider. 

Now Romney is doing his best to sabotage Trump's reelection campaign to put the senile Joe Biden and phony Kamala Harris into the White House out of jealousy and spite.