Romney Throws Biden A Lifeline On “Infrastructure” Bill; Some Feel It Will Massively Backfire

A group of five RINO senators led by Mitt Romney is seeking to bail Joe Biden out of a jam on his so-called “infrastructure” bill that allocates only a fraction of its total cost to actual roads, bridges, and waterways.

Biden has refused to budge on the $2.4 trillion social engineering package and cut off talks with lead Senate Republican negotiator Shelley Moore Capito over a scaled-down version that could draw bipartisan support, setting up what could be a massive political defeat unless Dems pull the plug on the filibuster.

But Romney has offered Biden a lifeline in yet another futile attempt to be liked by Democrats; the failed presidential candidate and has helped to craft a package that would spare wealthy donors from the tax hikes that would partially fund a bill that is Trojan horse for the Green New Deal.

Romney along with fellow GOP Sens. Rob Portman, Bill Cassidy, Susan Collins, and Lisa Murkowski are offering their own proposal for a bill of around $900 billion that in addition to saving Wall Street banksters and hedge fund managers from having their taxes raised, would drastically cut back on progressive agenda items.

“We’re not raising taxes,” said Romney. “We’re going to be talking to other members to see if we can get enough support for this to have the necessary votes to be successful.”

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But there is much concern that Mitt and his fellow RINOs will give Biden the necessary political cover to pass a slightly diluted version while claiming widespread bipartisan support.

The Washington Times reports; “Most of Mr. Romney’s colleagues take a dim view of the effort. Mr. Biden‘s team, they warn, could strike a watered-down compromise on infrastructure just to be able to say they achieved a bipartisan deal. Mr. Biden could then get the rest of what he wants passed via budget reconciliation, a process that allows spending bills to pass the Senate with a simple majority of 51 votes.”

The story quotes a GOP lawmaker who has requested to remain anonymous; “The White House doesn’t seem to want a real deal, they weren’t willing to work with the Senate Republican leadership on something everyone can get behind,” and “The majority leader is talking about going it alone regardless, so why give them a win?”

The Times also quotes Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin; “I don’t know why any Republican would want to help Democrats further mortgage our children’s future in that manner,” he said.

Johnson added; “There is bipartisan support for needed investment in our nation’s infrastructure. Unfortunately, there is also bipartisan support for spending money we don’t have”

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Romney remains optimistic; “We’ve met with a number of additional members of the Republican group and talked through the various line items,” he said. “We’re in a good place and we’ll see whether there’s support from a sufficient number of Republicans to make this interesting to the White House and Democrats.”

If the Biden regime and congressional Democrats have shown anything, it is that they absolutely cannot be trusted to act in good faith.

Furthermore, the perpetually misguided Romney’s overtures will only result in Senate Republicans getting the rug yanked out from under them just when they have begun to have some unity in stalling Biden’s extremist agenda.

Leave it to Mitt to muck things up.

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