Rosenstein Testifies Before Senate, Blames FBI For FISA Abuse

Former United States Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, making several damaging statements against members of the FBI who investigated President Trump for alleged collusion with Russian officials in the 2016 election. When asked about whether or not he would feel confident in signing the FISA warrants filed against President Trump’s campaign associates now, Rosenstein declined, even suggesting that the errors found in the process are at the fault of the FBI.

Rod Rosenstein is the first high-ranking individual in the federal government to testify over FISA abuses highlighted by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz in the FISA report released late last year, having been a key figure in the intelligence community who allowed the faulty investigation against President Trump continue despite the serious errors that were noted in the process.


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Republican Senator Lindsey Graham took initiative the within his committee, announcing his plans to call upon several officials to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee over the incomprehensible actions committed by members of the intelligence community in their probe against President Trump, which he promises he will get to the bottom of.

Check out what Fox News reported below:

Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein testified Wednesday that he would not have signed a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant renewal for former Trump campaign aide Carter Page had he known about the since-revealed misconduct surrounding those warrants -- while faulting the FBI for its handling of the documents.

Rosenstein confirmed that he signed a FISA warrant renewal application for Page, during a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee where he was the first witness as part of the panel’s fresh investigation into the origins of the Russia probe.

"If you knew then what you know now, would you have signed the warrant application?" committee Chairman Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., asked Rosenstein.

"No, I would not," Rosenstein said.

Rod Rosenstein continued by placing blame upon members of the FBI who worked on obtaining the FISA warrants against President Trump’s campaign, claiming: “every application I approved appeared to be justified based on the facts it alleged.”

“The FBI was supposed to be following protocols to ensure that every fact was verified,” he said, adding that the FBI “was not following the written protocols, and that ‘significant errors’ appeared in applications filed in connection with the Crossfire Hurricane investigation.”

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The former Deputy Attorney General was also under heavy scrutiny for his involvement in selecting Special Counsel Robert Mueller to launch a full-blown criminal investigation against President Trump, justifying his decision of the appointment by claiming that he did so to preserve the confidence of the public.

“As a result of events that followed the departure of the FBI Director, I was concerned that the public would not have confidence in the investigation and that the acting FBI Director was not the right person to lead it.”

“I decided that appointing a Special Counsel was the best way to complete the investigation appropriately and promote public confidence in its conclusions,” Rosenstein said, noting that the appointment of Mueller was “consistent with Department of Justice precedent.”

Fox News continued:

Rosenstein also said that “whenever agents or prosecutors make serious mistakes or engage in misconduct,” the DOJ “must take remedial action.”

“Ensuring the integrity of governmental processes is essential to public confidence in the rule of law,” Rosenstein said.

Rosenstein is the first witness as part of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s fresh Russia probe review.

With the new revelations that came about from testimony from Rod Rosenstein, both Republican Senators and members of the Justice Department are likely to launch subsequent investigations to uncover more details from a handful of other officials who were involved.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, says he intends to compel Andrew McCabe, James Clapper, John Brennan, and Sally Yates for questioning before his committee in the near future.

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