Rosie O’Donnell Deletes Twitter Poll After Embarrassing Results

On Wednesday, liberal actress Rosie O’Donnell released a Twitter poll asking her followers if President Donald Trump should be impeached.

The poll read, “should trump be impeached,” and gave two voting options, “hell yes” and “hell no.”

To O’Donnell’s disbelief, the poll ended up turning on her considering only 42% of people said “hell yes” President Trump should be impeached and a whopping 58% said he should not be impeached. Almost 300,000 people voted in her poll.

After O’Donnell realized that her poll revealed that most people do not want to see President Trump impeached, the liberal activist decided to delete the Twitter poll considering she did not get the desired result.

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Since President Donald Trump’s election, O’Donnell has been consumed with Trump Derangement Syndrome and spends her days lashing out at the President on Twitter.

Back in February, O’Donnell wrote a poem about how much she hates President Trump. Check it out below:

O’Donnell isn’t the only liberal who suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome considering the House Democrats are going forward with an impeachment inquiry against President Trump based off of a second-hand whistleblower complaint.

Last Tuesday, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced an official impeachment inquiry against President Trump based off of a second-hand politically biased whistleblower’s claim that President Trump bribed Ukraine’s President with military funds to start an investigation into Joe Biden for getting a Ukrainian prosecutor fired who was investigating his son.

The whistleblower claimed that President Trump set up a quid pro quo agreement regarding military aid with Ukraine and in return, Ukraine would investigate Joe Biden. Pelosi used the whistleblower’s claim to begin an impeachment inquiry, however the transcript of the call which was released the next day, revealed that President Trump did not leverage military aid in any way.

URGENT POLL: Do you support Trump against Dem impeachment efforts?

Democrats like Adam Schiff, are saying that President Trump pressured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, however Zelensky himself says otherwise.

During a press conference, Zelensky told reporters that he felt in no way pressured by President Trump to investigate Joe Biden.

“Nobody pushed me,” Zelensky said on Wednesday.

“We had a great phone call,” Zelensky added. “It was normal.”

Trump later added: “In other words, there was no pressure and you know there was no pressure.”

Instead of using the facts, Democrats have made it clear that they are going to go forward with an impeachment inquiry simply because they hate President Trump and can’t stand seeing him make our country great.

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