Rudy Giuliani Lays Out ‘Smoking Gun’ Evidence Against The Biden Family

After he traveled to Ukraine and began channeling information on the Biden’s to the Justice Department, the President’s “personal lawyer” Rudy Giuliani has made it very clear that both Hunter Biden and Joe Biden are in serious legal trouble. 

During several appearances on cable news programs, Giuliani spread some of the information he has gathered and released six podcasts describing the corruption in detail.


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When Giuliani was questioned on Fox News about claims that he is receiving “special treatment” and being used to get “dirt on a political opponent” by the President, he replied saying:

“My, my, am I getting special treatment? I first revealed these facts about Joe Biden’s multiple crimes in Ukraine, Iraq, China about 10 months ago, and nobody paid attention. Not only am I not getting special treatment, I’ve been getting terrible treatment. This should have been investigated three years ago. If President Trump had gone on a stage and said, “I pressured the president of another country to dismiss a prosecutor,” there’d be an investigation the next day. In fact, they tried to say President Trump said something like that about two months ago. And every headline, every newspaper … bribery, bribery, bribery, bribery, bribery. Joe Biden says it – part of the protected class – all those people on the Council of Foreign Relations don’t even inquire why did he even have the prosecutor fired. Because his son was in the middle of an investigation. I didn’t just give him information. I have a document here that’s smoking gun. It comes from Latvia. It describes Hunter Biden’s involvement in laundering $14.8 million. It’s a government document of Latvia – $14.8 million being laundered through three different banks and disguised as loans. It’s the tip of the iceberg.

Watch Giuliani's entire remarks here:

Here's the rest of the transcript that details the smoking gun evidence, provided by RedState:

Bream: People have said that [Ukrainian Prosecutor Alexander] Shokin wasn’t doing a great job, and so other people wanted him out anyway. From NY Magazine, “Contrary to the Trumpist claims, Shokin was not investigating Burisma at the time. The Obama administration – in which Biden played a key role on Ukraine policy – was specifically upset with Shokin for his failure to investigate Burisma.”

Giuliani (laughing): Okay, I’m not buying that at all because I have a fact. They’re lying. On February 2, 2016, the investigator Shokin – who wasn’t investigating [per the NY Mag article] – raided the offices of Burisma and put them under arrest. On February 18, he received notification from the Latvian government that Hunter Biden was under investigation for substantial money-laundering activities. He had issued numerous subpoenas – I have all the records of the prosecutor’s office. The Democrats can lie all they want. It is a matter of record that Biden’s son was under investigation. And it will shock you even more – Joe Biden was under investigation.

Bream: What about the UK, though, because they obviously had very real concerns about the leader of Burisma, and they had pushed for investigations. They wanted information, and they said Shokin didn’t help us; he didn’t cooperate and help us look into this other Burisma …

Giuliani: Can I just point something out about how false that is? Shokin wasn’t the prosecutor general then [when the Brits requested Burisma-related information]. That’s a totally different man who did this. In fact, that man got fired for that, and Shokin was put in after that happened. I know the incident you were referring to. They were trying to seek $27 million from Biden’s boss, the crook [Burisma founder Mykola] Zlochevsky. They didn’t send in the papers on time because the President of the Ukraine [Petro Poroshenko, who preceded Vlodymyr Zelensky] was paid a $5 million bribe by Zlochevsky. Mr. Shokin was not on duty, wasn’t involved, wasn’t prosecutor general at the time. He became prosecutor general three months later. So the lying Democrats have really gotta try to get their facts straight. Biden is so guilty – it is so obvious that this was a bribe – you have to be a fool not to see it.

Bream: Apparently, there is a lot of disagreement as to whether there was an investigation or not. There were a number of people in the international community saying that Shokin wasn’t doing a Burisma investigation.

Giuliani: … You have public facts showing that [Shokin was fired] while doing a Burisma investigation. You have an arrest that showed that. But the fraudulent American media won’t publish that. … Why doesn’t somebody interview Shokin? Because our embassy won’t give him a visa. Do you know he was poisoned? I have the medical record that says he was poisoned with mercury poisoning.

Bream: My point with AG Barr, there’s a lot of dirty doings in Ukraine, so this is what the AG says about that. (plays a video clip of Barr stating the need for caution about anything coming from Ukraine due to differing agendas and anything received can’t be taken at face value). Do you agree that there are people with competing interests over there, but do you feel good that [DoJ] has welcomed [your] information?

Giuliani: I investigated the mafia; I investigated terrorist groups. They all have conflicting interests, and they all lie one after another. Unfortunately for Biden, this case doesn’t come from the Ukraine. It comes from his mouth. Just listen to his statement. “I offered something of value in exchange for an official action.” And then there are records showing that his son was under investigation. That is a first-year assistant [district attorney’s] bribery case. All the Ukrainians do is corroborate the confession of Joe Biden. Just listen to the tape [available on Giuliani’s website]. All Shokin says is largely the same thing that Biden says. And then five other [Ukrainian] prosecutors. And they [DoJ or the media] haven’t interviewed a single one of them.

Bream: Do you think you’ll get a fair shake now with DoJ?

Giuliani: I sure hope so because the Vice President of the United States committed a crime at the highest levels of government. It hurts out relationship with the Ukraine. We are fools in the Ukraine. Every time he went there and talked about corruption, the Ukrainians would say, “Start with getting rid of your son. Your son is pulling in $8 million for a no-show job, and unfortunately, he’s a drug addict, and we all know it. And you’re talking to us about corruption, Joe? How about you straighten it out? And how about Obama; you straighten it out?” It was reported in the NY Times, and he didn’t do a darn thing. … If you watch my podcasts, I have three witnesses who say that it was well-known throughout Ukraine that Joe Biden had been bribed by Mykola Zlochevsky, and the bribe was getting the son the job, and then he would get Zlochevsky out of trouble, and that they were paid anywhere from $8 to $20 million.

Along with this damning revelation, Giuliani has confirmed that he has three witnesses who are ready to “name names.”

“Andrei Teleschenko, Constantine Kulyuk, Nazar Kholodnitskiy … three witnesses are willing to get on the witness stand and say that in January 2016, members of Obama’s NSC violated the law Mueller was investigating Trump for violating. They asked foreigners for dirty information on an American citizen who was going to be involved in a political campaign,” he said.

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“I want to prove what happened, because I believe if we prove what happened, he [Trump] will be totally vindicated,” he added.

This information, if revealed to the public, could be the very end of Joe Biden’s political career as we know it, and according to Giuliani, it is just the “tip of the iceberg.”

To make matters even worse, a bombshell report from last week claims Attorney General Bill Barr opened an investigation, separate from John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the Russia probe, into matters regarding Ukraine. The case will be handled by a U.S prosecutor in Pittsburgh.

Scott W. Brady, the potential U.S. prosecutor reviewing the new case, was appointed by President Donald Trump September 18th, 2017, and he specializes in white-collar crimes, having overseen hundreds of high profile cases throughout his career.

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