Rush Limbaugh Reveals 1 Reason Why Media Is Pushing Out Negative Polls About Trump

After the 2016 presidential election — where just about every media outlet and “expert” predicted Hillary Clinton had a 99.9 percent chance of winning — it’s become clear to many that the media will do whatever they can to help defeat President Donald Trump in November.

They relentlessly spin the news and make everything into a negative so they can attack the president and blame him. 

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Conservative host Rush Limbaugh recently addressed this on his show and reminded listeners that Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media are doing this intentionally to help Joe Biden before November’s election.

Don’t be fooled, Rush said, arguing that this is a trick to make people think that Trump has already lost.

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From the Rush Limbaugh website:

I want to start with the effort here that is now in full swing to defeat Donald Trump on November 3rd. We have massive new polling data that shows it is hopeless. Trump may as well quit. He may as well give up.

Changing campaign managers, it isn’t gonna matter. Trump is gone, everything but he hasn’t packed and left the White House yet. But, for all intents and purposes, Trump should realize it’s over and he should leave…

A double-digit lead for Joe Biden. Now, how many of you believe that? I mean, some of you are going to, I understand. I mean, there are pessimists out there.

There are people who think, “Hey, Rush, ain’t fair, but the way the media is covering things, it’d be understandable if these poll numbers were right.” And I understand your thinking on that. But the problem is there isn’t anybody out there with any great enthusiasm for Joe Biden.

Joe Biden is a nonentity. And the moment Joe Biden stops hiding in the basement — will that day ever come? Will Biden ever surface from the basement? We know he’s not gonna be able to debate Trump. That isn’t gonna happen. Would he ever come out of the basement? Why would he? That’s when he’s at greatest risk.

But there isn’t any personal enthusiasm for Biden. There isn’t a large number of voters out there with a bond or a connection to Biden.

During a segment on his radio program last week, Limbaugh spoke about The National Association of Police Organizations president endorsing President Trump.

The Police Union previously endorsed President Barack Obama, so it speaks volumes that they are now throwing their full support behind Trump.

Limbaugh said:

The National Association of Police Organizations president has endorsed Trump, overwhelmingly. Biden passed on a chance to talk to them. National Association of Police Organizations president Michael McHale announced that his group is endorsing Donald Trump in November after Biden refused to talk after all the talk about defunding the police.

Additional wrinkle here too. The Democrat Party is so radical, so anti-police, their candidates don’t even want the endorsement of police unions now. Biden doesn’t even want their endorsement. A lot of Democrats do not want the endorsement of police organizations now. Because apparently an endorsement by a police union – union! Police union would alienate the Democrat Party base. You know, Twitter. Twitter would be offended. Twitter would go viral. Twitter would be erupting if a Democrat candidate accepted an endorsement from a police organization.

Limbaugh then noted how Democratic leaders are already taking dangerous actions to reduce police and take away their resources.

You may have heard about this today depending on what you’ve been paying attention to. Berkeley, California, home of the University of California, “moved forward Wednesday with a proposal to eliminate police from conducting traffic stops and instead use unarmed civilian city workers as part of a broad overhaul of law enforcement. 

The City Council also set a goal of cutting the police budget by 50%.” That’s one half, for those of you in Rio Linda.

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Limbaugh said the election may come down to voters supporting Trump because he supports the police, rule of law, and police officers — unlike Democratic nominee Joe Biden, who has pretty much gone all-in with the Defund the Police movement.

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