Rush Limbaugh Reveals How Trump’s ‘Brilliant Syria Strategy’ Fooled Everyone

President Donald Trump announced last Sunday morning that ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was dead after a successful U.S. military raid.

Baghdadi took his own life in the back of a dead-end tunnel as our brave U.S. Special Operations forces closed in on the cowardly terrorist leader in a massive raid that took place in a compound in northern Syria.


The media lost their minds.

Some attacked Trump and defended the terrorist leader; a few accused the president of staging his situation room photo; and several other liberal outlets claimed Trump was an "idiot" for abandoning the Kurds and pulling U.S. troops out of Syria.

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But conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh pointed out how Trump's "brilliant strategy" fooled everyone.

Rush began:

You know, Trump did not tell any Democrats — and you know what’s fascinating, folks? 

The announcement of withdrawing troops from Syria was part of the strategy to set ’em all up! And it worked! Look at all the people that fell in line. Every predictable Never Trumper Republican, every RINO Republican and every Democrat and the entirety of the media fell for it hook, line, and sinker. The Never Trumpers especially, they just couldn’t contain themselves, writing about how Trump was turning over Syria to ISIS. By pulling the troops out, he was veritably handing Syria to ISIS. He was the epitome of incompetence. He was the epitome of a joke. 
The Never Trumpers were out saying that this move by Trump proved everything they had ever been saying about his unfitness and lack of qualifications. And it was all a setup. Announcing the troop withdrawal — we’re talking 50 American troops, advisers. But that was part of the strategy. It was part of the setup. It was part of setting up Baghdadi and his group. And it worked like a champ. 
And so this announcement of troop withdrawals, the troop drawdown in Syria was a classic. 
It was part of the operation. But here’s the point. All of these super reporters, these four reporters, two of them from the Times, two of them from the Washington Post, they didn’t have a word about it. There were no leaks. Which makes me wonder how much of what they’re reporting is true in the first place! Apparently there are people all over Washington leaking everything about Trump, but about this there were zero, there were zero leaks?

Limbaugh said he had a feeling weeks ago that Trump had something up his sleeve.

While the media and Democrats were going ballistic over U.S. troops being pulled from Syria, Rush said Trump was working behind the scenes to approve the military raid to go kill Baghdadi.

And it worked! 

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All the media talked about for weeks was Syria, which may have even fooled Baghdadi.

Limbaugh said Baghdadi probably breathed a sigh of relief and thought he was going to have more freedom without U.S. troops near his compound.

So the operation likely caught him by total surprise, which was the point Rush was making.