Rush Limbaugh Reveals Why Lindsey Graham Won’t Call For Hearings On Ukraine

In May of this year, Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham vowed to investigate the origins of the bogus Trump-Russia investigation. It is several months later and Graham has failed to take any action while House Democrats start investigation after investigation into President Donald Trump.

During his radio show on Tuesday, conservative host Rush Limbaugh speculated why Graham has failed to take any action, saying, “the popular theory is that he’s got cold feet about doing this because it would implicate Senator McCain, one of his great friends.

“If you’re not troubled by the fact that what really is happening here is that the entirety of the United States government is attempting to outdo, overturn and reverse the election results of 2016 — and what does that mean? Your vote doesn’t count! And they’re not stopping until they pull this off,” Rush started.

He continued: “And there’s one man trying to stop them from doing this, the guy that happened to win the election. Somehow he’s the problem. I’m not talking about with you, of course. I’m talking about with Republicans who just can’t seem to find a way to defend the president. It’s so hard.”

Rush then brought up Lindsey Graham by discussing his failure to take any action.

“A lot of people raised a good point, where’s Lindsey Grahamnesty? Where is he?” Rush asked. “He’s got a Senate committee that he runs, Judiciary Committee. He could be subpoenaing people, he could be demanding to see — he could be doing in the Senate what they’re doing in the House except he could be doing it to the people that ran this phony investigation into Trump. He could be tracking them all up there. And people ask, “Why isn’t he doing anything?””

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The conservative talk show host then revealed why he believes Graham is not doing anything.

“And you know what the popular theory is? The popular theory is that he’s got cold feet about doing this because it would implicate Senator McCain, one of his great friends. And it may be true,” Rush continued. “John McCain was at the epicenter of the Steele dossier’s dissemination. John McCain was one of the leaders in the effort to get Trump and his election reversed and thrown out of town using the Steele dossier and any investigation of this is going to demonstrate this. And many are theorizing that Lindsey Graham just doesn’t want to see Senator McCain’s name dragged through this kind of mud, so there’s no investigation.”

During an interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Republican Senator Rand Paul also weighed in on the situation surrounding Graham and why he isn’t using his subpoena power as Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee to look into the Democrats’ efforts to ruin President Trump’s presidency.

Paul made it clear that he has put pressure on Graham but then made the shocking revelation that there are Republican members in the Senate who have a bigger “allegiance” to the deep state than the President.

“So I don’t want to single out, I don’t want to be, you know, unfair to any particular senator,” Carlson started. “But I would tell you that I hear a lot from our viewers, you know, what is the answer? How did this start? Lindsey Graham is the Committee Chairman. He claimed he would get to the bottom of it. Why hasn’t he?”

Paul responded: “Well, not just any senator can do this. So I can’t call a committee hearing and drag these people in. Senator Graham has the power. He is the Chairman of a powerful committee, the Judiciary Committee. And yes, I’ve encouraged him publicly and privately to do this.”

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Later on during the segment, Paul opened up about where some Republican senators’ allegiance lies.

“Some people and I’m not going to say Senator Graham, but there are other Republican senators up here, whose allegiance is more to the deep state than it is to the President,” Paul revealed.



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