Rush Limbaugh Speaks Out on FISA Report

During his radio show on Tuesday, Rush Limbaugh spoke out on the FISA report which was released on Monday by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

“The IG report confirms that there is an ongoing coup to get rid of Donald Trump,” Limbaugh asserted.


In his report, the inspector general claims that the start of the investigation was justified, however he also admits that their was extreme bias against then-candidate Donald Trump. This kind of lax vetting would have never been acceptable by Democrats if it was against someone like former President Barack Obama.

While Democrats and their lapdogs in the media argued that the report cleared the FBI of any wrongdoing, Limbaugh says the exact opposite. “So the IG report shows that there was no coup against Donald Trump, right?" Limbaugh started. “…Don’t believe that. The IG report confirms that there was. The IG report confirms that there is an ongoing coup to get rid of Donald Trump.”

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People who claim that the report shows “no coup,” Limbaugh said, are “ignoring the basic facts of this and instead are relying on the inspector general saying that he couldn’t find any evidence of political bias. He didn’t say that. He said he couldn’t find any testimonial or other kind, meaning nobody copped to it, meaning nobody admitted it. It doesn’t mean that it didn’t exist. It just means nobody he interviewed or had the authority and power to interview admitted to it.”

“Durham made clear in his statement that the inspector general report is not even close and that he disagrees strongly with the conclusion that there was a justified reason to open this investigation,” Limbaugh continued, highlighting US Attorney John Durham's statement released in response to the FISA report. “This is highly unusual for this kind of thing to happen, for one government agency to issue a report and another government investigatory unit publicly, almost immediately, issue a statement disagreeing with it and contradicting it.”

The Daily Wire reports: "One of the most damaging facts the IG report confirms is the key role played by the Democrat-funded, discredited Steele dossier. After the FISA court turned down the FBI’s first effort to get a surveillance warrant for former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser Carter Page, Limbaugh said, they tried again, this time using the partisan Steele dossier as supposed evidence."

“The FISA court turned down the first effort,” Limbaugh said. “The second application worked, and we know that the second application is when they used the Steele dossier — and that made all the difference. ‘According to the IG report, FBI investigators considered seeking a FISA warrant against Carter Page in August of 2016, but they were rejected by lawyers at the FBI. That changed one month later, September 19, 2016, when six of Steele’s dossier memos arrived in the inboxes of the FBI’s Trump-Russia investigative team. The IG report says the FBI immediately sought to obtain warrants to spy on Carter Page,’ i.e., the Trump campaign, after they received elements of the Steele dossier. ‘Those warrants were approved October 21, 2016.'”

“Bottom line: If it had not been for the Steele dossier, we wouldn’t have had any of the things that have transpired over the last three years,” he continued. “The Steele dossier is all they ever had. They knew it was bogus, they knew that Hillary Clinton had paid for it, and they did not tell the FISA court — and this is in the IG report.”

“This hearsay and the jokes were collated by a person who never thought Steele would ever present them as fact,” said Limbaugh. “That same person said that Steele even lied about what he had passed on to him. ‘The dossier alleged that Carter Page was part of the Trump campaign’s well-developed conspiracy of coordination with the Kremlin and that he had worked under the direction of Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort. In truth, the two never met.'”

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