Rush Limbaugh Uncovers Terrifying Plot To Destroy President Trump

Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh has been defending and fighting for President Donald Trump for years.

But Limbaugh just uncovered a terrifying plot to destroy the president -- and he's warning everyone.


During a segment on his radio program, Limbaugh noted how the media is all of a sudden claiming the U.S. economy is on the brink of a recession after the market declined last week.

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But in reality, that drop-off meant nothing.

Former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen -- who served under President Barack Obama -- appeared on Fox News to state that we are not on the verge of a recession.

She also dismissed panicked predictions as “conspiracy theories.” 

After noting Yellen's comments, Limbaugh predicted that this was the latest stunt from Democrats: claim Trump is ruining the economy and must be voted out in 2020.

“So I’ll tell you what I think yesterday was. Are you ready? I think yesterday was a dry run. I think yesterday was a dry run for later on in the election season. I think they wanted to see how they could succeed, if they could succeed, in causing the bottom to fall out of Trump public opinion by claiming that Trump’s policies are destroying the United States economy.” 

Limbaugh then noted how the media was careful not to go all-out and claim when a recession would happen, but rather said we are on the “verge” of one.

“They didn’t say we’re in a recession,” Limbaugh said. “They said we’re on the verge. It’s just around the corner. They’re using the inverted yield curve, which, of course, nobody understands. And it’s even more difficult to try to explain to somebody what it is.” 

Rush then explained that this won’t be the last time Democrats try to peddle this lie and that they will keep trying to manufacture a crisis to stop Trump in 2020.

"Come up with some economic calamity that nobody can possibly understand to explain why we’re going into recession. Only the economic wizards of smart understand. So keep a sharp eye, because I think they’ll probably deem what they did yesterday a success.” 

The media wants to take down Trump so badly they are trying to scare Americans into thinking a recession is coming.