Scaramucci Compares Trump to OKC Bomber, Calls Him ‘Domestic Terrorist of the 21st Century’

Anthony Scaramucci, who served as President Donald Trump’s White House communications director for about 17-and-a-half minutes, has discovered the only way he can remain relevant is by joining the conga line of left-wing malcontents, miscreants, and fools on cable news channels to lie about and disparage the greatest president in our lifetimes.

In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Thursday, “The Mooch,” as he is called (by both sides, and for far different reasons) claimed that Trump will be this century’s ‘terrorist-in-chief.’

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He went on to dog whistle to Cooper’s already unhinged base by comparing Trump to Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, who bombed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in 1995, killing 168 people including a number of children at a daycare center inside.

What a guy, this Mooch.

“I think lawyers, legitimate lawyers are telling him that he’s in a lot of trouble. He incited a riot. He incited an insurrection. He’s arguably, at least in the 21st century, you could say Timothy McVeigh for the 20th century, but he is the domestic terrorist of the 21st century in terms of the history of the 21st century,” said Scaramucci.

That seemed to surprise even Cooper, who own rants against Trump in the past have been both fact-free and unhinged.

“You think he’ll be viewed as a domestic terrorist?” he asked.

“I think right now we’re all in shock about it because he’s the president of the United States, and we always try to normalize that office. You and I, the rest of the world, still has an august opinion of the office of the presidency,” said Mooch.

“So you’re reacting to it like, ‘Wow, we can’t really have the president be a domestic terrorist.’ But 50 years from now, a presidential historian will look at this situation and say, ‘My God, he didn’t accept the election, he signaled prior to the election that he wasn’t going to, and he incited an insurrection where people descended on the Capitol building calling for the death of his vice president.’ So you’ve got to step back, Anderson, and look at it objectively and look at it from 2071, not 2021. Yes, I do think he will be known throughout history as somebody that incited domestic terrorism.”

What a deep thinker, this Scaramucci.

We don’t yet know what historians will say about President Trump. No doubt there will be some mention of his two impeachments and the Capitol riot.

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But there will also be context, and it’s not likely he’ll be viewed as a “terrorist” in any respect.

That said, since we’re into predicting the future now, we think Trump most definitely 


 be remembered as a U.S. president, while Scaramucci’s ‘fame,’ such as it is, will vanish just as soon as the conga line of lefti-wing cable news sycophants stop booking him.

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