Schiff Blames Trump For COVID Deaths, Says He Should Have Been Removed From Office

During an interview on Monday with MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell, far-left conspiracy theorist and House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff, stated that if the Senate had voted to impeach President Donald Trump, America would not be losing a day the “equivalent of the number of people we lost on 9/11.”

O’Donnell started, “We can’t act even slightly surprised by this because you told us this was going to happen in your argument in the Senate impeachment trial.”


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Schiff replied, “Well, we certainly told the senators that he was not going to change, and there was no way to constrain him. That he is who he is, and he would continue to operate the way he had, and indeed, that’s exactly what we’ve seen since. The one thing we dramatically understated is when we asked the question if you found him guilty, do you really need to remove him given there is another election only nine months away, how much damage could he really do?”

He added, “We said a lot, but little did we know just how great the casualties would be. Some days we lose the equivalent of the number of people we lost on 9/11. You know, I think that there is no way we could have foreseen just how tragic his malfeasance would be in his remaining months in the administration.”

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This isn't the first time that Schiff has made this claim.

Back in April, the far-left conspiracy theorist falsely claimed that 50,000 Americans were dead because President Trump wasn't impeached back in February.

Schiff's comments are blatantly false considering while he and the rest of congress were busy impeaching the President, the coronavirus was sneaking itself into the United States. President Trump took decisive action in late January to stop the virus while lawmakers like Schiff were busy promoting their impeachment hoax campaign.

During an interview with far-left MSNBC host Chris Hayes, Schiff said: "There is one thing that, really, I have to say haunts me from the trial and it was before that snippet you showed where we knew we had to answer the question to the senators, okay, essentially, house managers, you’ve proved him guilty [sic] , does he really need to be removed after all? we have an election in nine months. how much damage could he really do? and we posed that question to the Senate and we answered it by saying that he could do an awful lot of damage but frankly, chris, I don’t think we had any idea how much damage he would go on to do in the months ahead. There are 50,000 Americans now who are dead, in significant part because of his incompetence, because of his inability to think beyond himself and put the country first. I don’t think we would have ever anticipated that his brand of narcissism and his brand of incompetence would be so fatal to the American people."

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WATCH the clip below:

Schiff has tried to impeach President Trump for anything and everything. Check out what Breitbart reported:

The House — after a four-week delay — transferred the articles of impeachment to the Senate on Jan. 15, the day the first coronavirus patient arrived in the U.S. from Wuhan, China. Congress did nothing about the pandemic during the trial. Meanwhile, the president formed the coronavirus task force the week of Jan. 27 and imposed the travel ban on Jan. 31.

The Democrat-controlled House held its first hearing on coronavirus on Feb. 5 — the day Trump was acquitted in the Senate.

Schiff, who said nothing about coronavirus in its early days, is now pushing for legislation to create a “9/11 commission” for evaluating the president’s response to the pandemic. Opponents counter that he is trying to exploit the issue for the election.

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