Schiff Knew About Whistleblower Complaint In AUGUST And Decided To Stay Quiet

According to recently revealed evidence, far-left Democratic congressman Adam Schiff knew about the bogus “whistleblower” accusations that started the impeachment inquiry into President Trump back in August but didn’t start to aggressively go after the President until late September. Was this all planned out?

“Trump is withholding vital military aid to Ukraine, while his personal lawyer seeks help from the Ukraine government to investigate his political opponent. It doesn’t take a stable genius to see the magnitude of this conflict. Or how destructive it is to our national security,” he said in a tweet posted on August 28th.

Not only was this comment completely false considering the recently released transcripts of the call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky show no mention of military aid with a Biden investigation in return, but it also raises the question, has Schiff and other congressional Democrats been working with the politically biased whistleblower this entire time?

Investigative reporter Paul Sperry reveals what may be going on behind the scenes.

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Fred Fleitz, a former CIA officer and National Security Agency Chief of Staff also thinks something fishy is going on, saying that he thinks the whistleblower was helped by House Democrats in crafting his complaint.

Fleitz recently suggested that the complaint is too well written and seems to go along very similar with the far-left, Democratic agenda.

“This document looks as if this leaker had outside help, possibly from congressional members or staff,” he said.

He later added that the complaint, “appears to be written by a law professor.”

Fleitz also explains that he feels “troubled” by the whole whistleblower situation. “I am troubled by the complaint and wonder how an intelligence officer could file it over something a president said to a foreign leader. How could this be an intelligence matter?” Fleitz wrote in an op-ed.

“It appears likely to me that this so-called whistleblower was pursuing a political agenda.”

The former CIA officer continues by saying that he is “very familiar with transcripts of presidential phone calls since I edited and processed dozens of them when I worked for the NSC. I also know a lot about intelligence whistleblowers from my time with the CIA.”

“From my experience, such an extremely polished whistleblowing complaint is unheard of.”

Fleitz continues by saying he thinks it’s “more than a coincidence that this complaint surfaced and was directed to the House Intelligence Committee just after Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), an outspoken opponent of Trump, expressed numerous complaints in August 2019 accusing the President of abusing aid to Ukraine to hurt Joe Biden.”

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He adds that he finds it very ironic that the whistleblowers complaint is very similar to a tweet made by Rep. Adam Schiff in late August which read, “House Republicans need to ask the whistleblower under oath whether he spoke to the press or Congress about his complaint.”

Fleitz thinks the entire Ukraine situation is a political plan made up by the Democratic party.

“I refuse to believe that the leaking, timing and presentation of this complaint is coincidence. I don’t think the American people will buy this either.”

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