School Tells 4-Year-Olds To Do This at Home With ‘Fist Club’ Booklet

An elementary school has come under fire as it gave ‘anti-racism’ classes which encouraged kids as young as 4 to identify ‘racists’ in their families using a ‘Fight Club’ inspired booklet.

Janney Elementary School’s principal Danielle Singh issued a letter to students from Pre-K to third grade asking them to use what they had learned in the ‘Anti Racism Fight Club’ presentations to accuse members of their family of being racist and to make notes in a ‘Fistbook for kids’.

The DC school authorized the workshop which is run by author and self-proclaimed ‘anti-racism facilitator’ Doylin Richards.

Kids were issued a handbook to help them supposedly recognize the difference between ‘prejudice’ and ‘racism’, although according to the book, white people cannot really experience racial discrimination because, “the difference is that white people are a part of a society that benefits them in almost every instance”.

The highly divisive and racist piece of political propaganda then goes on to accuse all white people of having “white privilege”.

“If you are a white person, white privilege is something you were born with and it simply means that your life is not more difficult due to the color of your skin. Put it this way, it’s not your fault if you have white privilege but it’s your fault if you choose to ignore it,” says the booklet.

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It can only be assumed that the intention of such material is to alienate black children and encourage them to believe that if they fail then it must all be down to white people, and to shame white kids.

It’s as if white people walk around with an invisible force field because they hold all of the power in America,” it continues, despite the fact that not long ago the most powerful man in the country was a black man and the current vice president is a mixed-race woman.

The book also encourages students to call-out family members who supposedly don’t “believe people should be treated equally based on the color of their skin”.   

Just because someone is older than you doesn’t mean that they’re right all of the time,” it continues.

“Parents need to stop making excuses for that behavior if they truly believe in anti-racism.”

The school also sent out a similar book to parents which contained even more radical and divisive views about race, doubling down on the hideously biased and politically motivated material it had issued the students:

As we sit here today, it is still woven into the fabric of our homes, communities, schools, government, economic system, healthcare, and so much more. As a matter of fact, it would be difficult to find one facet of our society where racism does not exist”, says the adult ‘Fistbook’.

“White supremacy isn’t the shark, it’s the ocean.

If the police don’t murder citizens without penalty, then the riots/looting don’t happen.

“In 50 years from now, white people will probably talk glowingly of Kaepernick as they are with Dr. King now. Stop using his quotes to benefit your racism.”

It is absolutely disgraceful that the radical left think that attempting to brainwash children as young as 4 and bully their parents into taking on their political views is not only acceptable but admirable policy for schools to adopt.

This kind of progressively aggressive socialism is not a new concept to the world, but the last time it took hold of society in Germany not all that long ago, things didn’t work out great.

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