Scott Adams Takes Blowtorch To Democrats After They Release Articles Of Impeachment

During his Tuesday morning YouTube livestream, Scott Adams, bestselling author of the new book Loserthink, exploded on House Democrats after they officially released their Articles of Impeachment.

Adams wasn’t afraid at all to express his anger with the Democrats, as he said they were “hurting the country while acting like they’re helping it in the worst acting job you’ve ever seen in your whole f***ing life”.

Watch him go nuclear on Democrats here:

As he took his “simultaneous sip” of coffee with his audience, he warned them that he wouldn’t be too happy during this livestream.

“I can’t be in that good of a mood today. I’m trying”, he said chuckling as he prepared to sound off on the ridiculous impeachment push by the Democrats.

“Well, where to begin?”, he started.

“You probably all know that the Democrats have gone ahead with their Articles of Impeachment. And even though I knew the day was coming, I did not anticipate how I would feel about it. And how I feel about it – I’m not worried, because everything going to be fine, the country will be fine, the Senate will take care of business and get rid of it – but as I was watching this disgusting group of politicians pretend to be sad and pretend to be sincere, I was overcome with hatred,” he said.

“And I don’t really spend a lot of time hating anything. And when I watched Adam Schiff, and Nadler and Nancy Pelosi and Jeffrey Toobin (CNN)… I don’t think it’s just that they disagree, I don’t think that they’re on the same team doing things I wish they wouldn’t. There is something about this group that makes me f***ing hate them. Like I actually hate their guts.”

He continued:

“Now, I’ve never hated a politician in my life. I didn’t even hate these politicians yesterday. But there was something about watching them stand in front of the country, knowing that they’re acting that triggered something in me. Had I thought for the smallest moment that they believed what they were saying, I would [given them the benefit of the doubt]”

But he emphasized “They do not think its good for the country. It’s transparent. It’s bad acting. It’s disgusting and I f***ing hate them. I’ve never hated my government before.”

“The Democrats have collected themselves together in a narrow revine where Trump and his supporters will machine gun them. Not literally, but figuratively. Figuratively they set themselves up for the worst election cycle that maybe we’ve ever seen. It could actually flip congress.”

Scott also discussed how he was unexpectedly filled with rage as he “watched this despicable bunch of f***ing a**holes stand there and hurt the country while pretend they were helping it, in the worst acting job you’ve ever seen in your whole f** life”

However, Scott didn’t just keep his opinions to his YouTube audience. He also spoke his mind on Twitter as well:

Do you feel the same way as Scott does? Does watching this ridiculous SHAMpeachment make you this angry as well? Comment below…

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