Seattle Police Union Chief Calls Out Mayor, Says CHOP Terrorists 'Holding Entire City Hostage'

The head of Seattle’s police union is pushing back – hard – against Mayor Jenny Durkan’s claim that the ‘autonomous’ CHOP zone is being dismantled after a series of shootings and other violent criminal activity.

Because the reality is, according to Seattle Police Officers Guild President Mike Solan, no one is going anywhere. 


In an interview with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto Saturday, Solan and the host begin by talking about how local businesses and residents were being negatively affected after police abandoned their East Precinct building June 8 as thug terrorists and Left-wing anarchists moved in and set up the zone. 

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“A lot of the folks who live there, especially businesses that try to make money there are suing, saying this went a little too far. Can they do that?” Cavuto asked, inquiring further whether the precinct was back in the hands of Seattle cops.

“Sadly, it didn’t go a little too far, it went way too far and it continues to go too far,” said Solan. “So no, we don’t have our precinct back.”

Solan noted further that residents who are angered by the continued presence of the lawless zone have every right to be, “as well as the reasonable majority of Seattle citizens that are being held hostage by a criminal element that still controls six blocks of city of Seattle-owned land, as well as privately owned land.”

“This is a small group that’s holding the entire city of Seattle, the majority of its citizens, hostage. And autonomous zones like ‘CHOP’ impose the will of a few onto the majority,” he said, as noted by Right Scoop. “It’s actually democracy in reverse.”

But what about Durkan’s claim last week that the zone is going to be dismantled? 

She said during a press conference, “The cumulative impacts of the gatherings and protests and the nighttime atmosphere and violence has led to increasingly difficult circumstances for our businesses and residents. The impacts have increased and the safety has decreased.”

But that’s not reality, Solan noted.

“There were some city entities, as far as heads, that went into the area yesterday to try to remove some of the boundary areas, as far as blockades, and they were met with resistance.”


“Armed people flocked into the area and prevented those city entities, those agencies, to get the job done,” he pointed out. “So no, this has not been solved. It’s deeply troubling still.”

Did you get that? Armed people. As in, doesn’t that make their actions criminal? Since when has Seattle allowed citizens to openly carry firearms in the city and then criminally brandish them against other people? 

Solan also makes a very noteworthy statement regarding what has been allowed to take place in Seattle.

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“This has metastasized across the entire nation,” he said. 

Of course, it has, and who couldn’t see this coming? If one Left-wing liberal enclave allows its city to be terrorized and have parts of it literally taken over without any substantial pushback, of course that’s going to breed similar Left-wing behavior in similarly governed cities. 

Buckle up, folks. This kind of stuff is only going to become more prevalent, not less. Because there are far too many liberals running far too many of our cities.