Senator Tom Cotton Calls Out Dems For Refusal To Denounce Mob Violence

With America now under attack from a lawless leftist insurgency that hates us for our way of life there have been astonishingly few Republicans who have decisively spoken out against the mob.  

Senate Republicans have been intimidated into zipping their lips and bending a knee out of fear that they will be called racists by the social media mob but one who is refusing to roll over and play dead is Tom Cotton of Arkansas. 


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As a military veteran who risked his life in Iraq and Afghanistan so that we could remain free, Senator Cotton is outraged and disgusted at the actions of the enemy within and the political party which it serves. 

In a dangerous time when the nation is badly in need of strong leadership as statues are being torn down, cities burned, innocent people beaten by thugs and free speech being silenced, Cotton has emerged as a fearless opponent to the terrorists and criminals in the streets. 

And he is calling out Democrats for their refusal to reign in their goons, an outrageous abandonment of their oath of office and a seditious break with tradition, not to mention their acting as a renegade faction of the legitimate government. 

In a blistering speech delivered from the floor of the Senate, Cotton blasted Chuck and Nancy and the rest of a party that has gone rogue; a malignant confederacy of dunces who have declared war on law-abiding citizens. 

Per Cotton: 

"Our country faces real challenges today. For example, anti-American mobs are roaming the streets in many cities, tearing down statues of our greatest statesmen, men like Abraham Lincoln, U.S. Grant, and George Washington, after whom this capital city is named. But the Democrats aren’t doing anything about that problem. Oh, no, on the contrary, the mob is in many ways the youth movement of the Democratic Party"  

"So they are perfectly content to look the other way or even cheer it on. I mean, have you heard Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi denounce the mob violence we see in our streets? Me neither."

The good senator also dared to say that which too many of his colleagues are too scared to speak aloud - that the mob hates America. 

"When you tear down statues of Washington and Grant, it’s not about the Civil War—it’s because you hate America."

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Cotton also warned of what is to come if the mob isn't stopped. 

"The mob doesn’t stop at statues. Rioters have torched police precincts & low-income housing. Churches and synagogues have not been spared. Next, perhaps, the mob will target the homes of police officers. Soon enough, the mob may come for you, your home, & your family."

And the Democrats aren't doing one damned thing to stop them -  let that sink in. 

That Senator Cotton is a rising star was confirmed over the tumult that his New York Times editorial calling for President Trump to use the Insurrection Act to put down the riots; the paper's SJW writers threw a temper tantrum that forced the adults in the room to denounce its own decision to run the opinion piece. 

While it remains to be seen whether Cotton's refusal to bend the knee will be contagious with his fellow Republicans, it is long overdue that someone stood up against those who have a shared goal with the likes of ISIS, the Taliban and al Qaeda.