Apparently New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is responsible for more nursing home deaths than we originally thought. A lot more.

According to a bombshell new report, the death toll in New York State nursing homes was “severely undercounted”. The NY Times reports that the deaths were undercounted by as much as 50 PERCENT.

This report comes after Cuomo’s book on “COVID leadership” was touted by the mainstream media for several months.

Here’s more from The NY Times:

ALBANY, N.Y. — The New York State attorney general accused the Cuomo administration of undercounting coronavirus-related deaths at nursing homes by as much as 50 percent, according to a report released on Thursday.

The count of deaths in state nursing homes has been a source of controversy for Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and state Health Department officials, who have been sensitive to any suggestion that they played any role in the number of nursing home deaths, which the state put at more than 8,500.

They have also been accused of obscuring a more accurate estimate of nursing home deaths, because the state only counted deaths at the actual facilities, rather than including deaths of residents who were transferred to a hospital and died there.

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In the 76-page report, a survey of nursing homes found huge discrepancies between deaths reported to the attorney general’s investigators and those officially released by the Health Department.

“Preliminary data obtained by O.A.G. suggests that many nursing home residents died from Covid-19 in hospitals after being transferred from their nursing homes, which is not reflected in D.O.H.’s published total nursing home death data,” the report reads.

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As you can imagine, Twitter exploded with reaction:

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