Shameless Hillary Clinton Fundraising With Trump’s Home Raid

Despite the uproar caused by the FBI’s raid of former President Donald Trump’s home, the democrats have shown that the raid is precisely what every republican has said it was; a frightening weaponization of the FBI to intimidate the conservatives. This is the only plausible reason why failed presidential candidate Hilary Clinton would consider using this event to raise funds for left-wing candidates.

Clinton, who had lost the presidential elections to Trump, had mocked him as she went on to brag about how she had done worse than him without ever being ridiculed like he was. She neither got the FBI going in and out of her house like it was their property, had everyone she was affiliated with interrogated, nor had several baseless charges against her by almost every authority in the United States.

This was in reference to her 2019 scandal when the State Department had gone through her private emails. The Bureau of Diplomatics later concluded that Clinton had violated at least 588 security policies of the department. The FBI and James Cooney also discovered that this democrat had sent or received classified information, including top secrets.

The State Department investigation concluded that the use of the server to do State Department business “represented an increased risk of unauthorized disclosure” and that it “added an increased degree of risk of compromise as a private system lacks the network monitoring and intrusion detection capabilities of State Department networks.”

However, the liberal media had covered this up, and the State refused to prosecute her as they said she was only extremely careless. The Democrats have now shown that different rules apply to them as they have continuously prosecuted Trump on baseless claims with no evidence whatsoever.

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Now, this democrat has decided to rub the fact that she is above the law in Trump’s face to intimidate the Republicans again and let them know who controls the State. This is why she chose to release her “but her emails” hats and shirts on the day that Trump’s home was raided. This collection by Clinton is to raise funds for her “Onward Together” PAC, which gives money to hard-left candidates.

Unlike Trump, who has only been battling meaningless accusations from every democrat in the country, this woman who had evidently violated national security laws is using this fact to make money with her collection, which she boldly calls “But her emails.”

Other democrats like Sarah Westwood and Brandon Morse had also taken to their social media to mock the former president with tweets like: “FBI raids for cocktail napkins and birthday dinner menu.”

The way things are handled in the democratic party can now be seen as they are basically in control of the Department of Justice, the FBI, and now the IRS. This explains why they seem to get away with everything they do regardless of how threatening it is to national security or even to the citizens of America.

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