She's Back! Hillary Bashed Trump's Coronavirus Response: 'He's a Reality TV Star'

Hillary Clinton really is the proverbial ‘bad penny’: Just when you think you’ve lost her, she shows up again out of nowhere.

The two-time Democratic presidential loser and ‘Trump-Russian collusion’ truther popped up on “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” to flout conspiracy theories about the fall elections and President Donald Trump, as well as rip his coronavirus response despite the fact that it’s been stellar.


Fielding softball questions from an ideological Leftist, Clinton panned the president’s response to a pandemic for which the Chinese government is ultimately responsible.

"I think you have to start with President Trump’s total hostility toward science, evidence, facts, logic, reason. He is a showman. He is a reality TV star, he likes to try to bend reality to suit his own preferences,” she said, without acknowledging that he actually gave all of that up to be president. 

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Something she’ll never be.

"He clearly started hearing about this back in January through intelligence briefings that he either read or didn’t read. But even before that … he had really made it clear that he was more interested in the optics than the facts when the virus first hit,” she continued. 

Asked about the results of the 2016 election – in which she was bested by said ‘reality TV star’ – Clinton responded, “It breaks my heart because I tried to warn people during the campaign that he was not fit for the office, he wasn’t prepared for the office. That his appeals to the basest instincts among us was really setting us up for more divisiveness and then I saw it literally from the inauguration forward.”

‘Breaks’ her heart? Please. The only thing that ‘breaks’ Hillary Clinton’s heart is that not enough of the country wanted her back in the White House.

"Even people who voted for him expected him to rise to the job and increasingly that has become just impossible to expect any longer,” she added.

How, exactly, did Trump “rise to the job” of being president? Let us count the ways:

-- He created the fastest economic turnaround in history.

-- His economic programs and policies created the lowest unemployment rate in a half-century, which included historic low unemployment for blacks and Hispanics.

-- He made historic trade deals that put our country first -- including renegotiating NAFTA, a deal he just finalized last week.

-- We are now much stronger militarily.

-- Our foreign policy is focused on what make America stronger, not our enemies or competitors.

-- He can now lay claim to a couple of additional records: Fastest one-month job growth and fastest one-month unemployment decline.

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But Clinton wasn’t done. She also became an election ‘truther,’ suggesting that if the president loses to Joe Biden he won’t leave because he’ll blame it on “mail-in balloting,” which is, of course, ripe for fraud, as example after example proves.

"Well, I think it is a fair point to raise as to whether or not, if he loses, he’s going to go quietly or not,” she said. “And we have to be ready for that.”

Nice gaslighting, Hill.