SHOCK: 1 Million People Could Die of Tuberculosis, Other Diseases, Due to COVID Lockdowns

Health experts who don’t have a political ax to grind or a dog in the 2020 presidential election have been saying for months that widespread lockdowns were harming Americans and in ways far worse than the vast majority of COVID-19 cases.

But because Democrats can’t stand President Donald Trump and are willing to tank the economy, risk lives, and ruin our children’s education, they have overhyped and overtly politicized the coronavirus pandemic for maximum gain.


And like always, the ‘mainstream media’ has been in on the fear porn from the outset – stoking anxiety over mask-less people, hiding the fact that COVID-19 death and positive test rates are massively overinflated, and looking the other way when anarchists riot while pointing accusatory fingers at Lake of the Ozarks partiers.

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But just occasionally, the media lapses into moments of honesty, like The New York Times did on Monday.

The paper reported that thanks to lengthy coronavirus lockdowns – which led hospitals to suspend outpatient surgeries and doctor’s offices to reduce patient appointments – the country is about to experience a massive rise in highly contagious tuberculosis and other communicable, potentially fatal, diseases.

Citing the report, The Blaze notes:

The New York Times notes specifically that the combined effects of the coronavirus lockdowns and the diversion of medical resources to battle the pandemic will likely have deleterious effects on worldwide efforts to battle diseases that are bigger killers every year than the coronavirus has been this year, including tuberculosis, malaria, and HIV.

The Times report specifically laments that the lockdowns have caused people in areas of the world that are most stricken by these diseases to eschew traveling to clinics for testing and treatment, which is likely to cause these diseases to spread like wildfire.

According to the Times, deaths from these diseases were at historical low points in 2018, the last year for which data was available. But according to Dr. Pedro L. Alonso, the director of the World Health Organization's global malaria program, "Covid-19 risks derailing all our efforts and taking us back to where we were 20 years ago."

"About 80 percent of tuberculosis, H.I.V. and malaria programs worldwide have reported disruptions in services, and one in four people living with H.I.V. have reported problems with gaining access to medications, according to U.N. AIDS. Interruptions or delays in treatment may lead to drug resistance, already a formidable problem in many countries," the Times reported. 

This means that the consequences of the massive lockdowns very likely won't be temporary, they'll be permanent.

Isn't that lovely?

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One estimate says that there could be as many as 6.3 million new cases of TB alone, along with 1.4 million additional deaths, all attributable to the lockdowns (remember when we used to quarantine sick people, not well people?).

The report also quotes an estimate that some 500,000 additional deaths from HIV will occur thanks to disruptions in medication supplies. And some 385,000 more people could perish from malaria per year for the same reason.

It’s patently clear that our ‘expert’ masters in government and in statehouses and governor’s mansions all around the country are not paying a lick of attention to ‘the science.’