Shock Poll Shows Fading Liz Warren Now Tied With This Democrat In 2020 Race

The more that voters see of Elizabeth Warren, the worse that her presidential hopes become which is bad news for Pocahontas as the primaries get ready to kick off. 

The Massachusetts Democrat’s political resurgence may have hit the wall as donations are falling along with her poll ratings and in news that will further rock her troubled campaign, she is now tied for third place with an unexpected candidate. 

Billionaire anti-Second Amendment activist and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has closed the gap on Warren according to a stunning poll conducted by The Hill-HarrisX. 

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It was only a matter of time until Warren’s strident and angry demagoguery, her inability to tell the truth and her attacks on the very deep-pocketed Dem donors who the eventual nominee will need would be her undoing and the freefall may be underway. 

According to the poll, Bloomberg has pulled even with Warren at 11 percent although both still trail Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden. 

Via The Hill, “Bloomberg rises to third place alongside Warren in national poll “:

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg saw a 6-point bump in the latest Hill-HarrisX survey of the Democratic presidential primary.

The nationwide poll, which was released Friday, shows Bloomberg up from 5 percent to 11 percent support for the nomination nationally. The former New York City mayor is now in a dead heat for third place with top-tier candidate, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), who also received 11 percent support.

Bloomberg’s rise in the latest Hill-HarrisX survey comes in spite of his late entry into the 2020 race and the fact that he hasn’t appeared in any of the Democratic primary debates.

Bloomberg has chosen an unorthodox campaign strategy, making the decision not to raise money and instead deciding to fund his own campaign. This has disqualified him from taking the debate stage under rules from the Democratic National Convention.

Under DNC rules, candidates must reach certain polling and fundraising thresholds.

However, prior to announcing his bid in November, Bloomberg launched an ad buy totaling roughly $19.4 million over 90 local markets across the country. After making his campaign official, he also rolled out a 60-second spot as part of his $31.5 million media blitz.

Despite his late entry, Bloomberg has one major advantage that all other Dems with the exception of crackpot impeachment-obsessed lunatic Tom Steyer in that he has money to burn and burn it he will on millions of dollars in campaign ads. 

The former kingpin of the Big Apple is also positioning himself as the moderate with Biden slipping into senility and pandering to the far-left elements of the Democrat base. 

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He is the only 2020 Dem to condemn the suggestion that President Trump’s takedown of Iran’s top terrorist general was an assassination – something that will earn him the eternal hostility of the Twitter mob – especially Bernie-bots. 

This is all terrible news for Warren whose fundraising took a 30 percent nosedive in the fourth quarter and whose grating personality has made her possibly the only woman in America who is even more unlikable than Hillary Clinton. 

Granted that it’s still a long way to go until the convention in Milwaukee this summer but Bloomberg’s money makes him a serious dark horse for the nomination.