Shocking Number of Americans Rescued From Afghanistan Since Biden Pull Out

A House Republican investigation recently noted that about 800 Americans had been brought home from Afghanistan since the Taliban took over the country.

A GOP report from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee reported 479 evacuations by December 2021. This report was generated from the data gathered by House Republicans and the State Department.

President Joe Biden had promised, “We’re going to stay to get them all out,” assuring the public that all citizens of the United States would be brought home, leaving no one behind. However, Secretary of State Antony Blinken made a shocking revelation as he admitted that the President had pulled out from Afghanistan when over 100 Americans were still stuck in the country.

To make excuses for abandoning citizens, the Biden administration has released reports highlighting the challenges they faced as they tried to bring Americans back home. The state department also announced that they had evacuated about 600 Americans, insinuating that they had taken care of the larger issue by bringing a majority home.

A previous report from the Senate had blasted the Biden administration for this and faulted him. It stated that this was all the President’s fault for ignoring “numerous intelligence reports” about the potential for the Taliban to quickly take control of Kabul and for abandoning “tens of thousands of Afghan partners.”

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Following this, the House also made a 118-page report arguing that the Biden administration had not done its job properly, endangering the nation. The report argues that “the choices made in the corridors of power in D.C. led to tragic yet avoidable outcomes: 13 dead service members, American lives still at great risk, increased threats to our homeland security, tarnished standing abroad for years to come, and emboldened enemies across the globe.

However, a National Security Council spokesperson for Biden had disregarded this report as he said it was nothing but lies as it was “riddled with inaccurate characterizations, cherry-picked information and false claims.

The House committee in this report also revealed the Biden administration’s refusal to provide “the necessary information regarding America’s unconditional withdrawal from Afghanistan,” has prevented the minority committee from completing a “thorough investigation.”

They rightfully added, “The Biden administration had largely wasted the four months since the president announced the full withdrawal, failing to adequately plan for the anticipated Taliban takeover.

In addition, the lawmakers also wrote that “the failure to anticipate a surge of refugees at the Kabul airport, often referred to as Hamid Karzai International Airport (HKIA), despite the military assessing Kabul to be at risk of falling to the Taliban, combined with an inadequate number of U.S. personnel initially deployed, created the powder keg that exploded with the chaotic scenes that reverberated around the world, including images of Afghans falling to their deaths.

Finally, the GOP lawmakers made their intention to subpoena documents from the State Department very clear should the Republicans take the majority in the midterm elections later this year.

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