SICKENING: GoFundMe Nukes Fundraiser For ASU Students Who Were Viciously Attacked For Simply Being White

In Joe Biden’s America, blatant racism towards white people is not only accepted, it’s celebrated.

Earlier this week, a video went viral on Twitter after a pair of white students (who were minding their own business), were harassed and slandered by a pack of psychotic liberal students on campus at ASU.

Their crime? Being white and supporting the police. That’s it.

In response, the popular Twitter page “Libs of TikTok” started a GoFundMe in support of the students and the ultra-liberal company took the fundraiser down…showing that they will NOT support any white student who is being harassed by students of color:

In case you missed the original video, here it is again:

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In conclusion, never give another CENT of your hard-earned money to GoFundMe. If there is a fundraiser or a cause that you’d like to support, figure out a way to give the money to the families directly or find another way.

It’s time to stop supporting the companies that hate Conservatives and want us expelled from society.

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