Trump Supporter Gets Brutally Assaulted After DC Cops Redirect Him Towards Bloodthirsty BLM Mob

DC police did a mostly good job protecting innocent Trump supporters over the weekend, but the video below is an example of one of their biggest failures. 

Instead of letting Trump supporters pass through their police barricade, they were instead redirected into a bloodthirsty mob of BLM thugs who proceeded to shout them down and sucker punch them.

These Joe Biden voters showed no mercy on the innocent Trump voters who were just trying to get through to the other side.

Watch below at this disgusting display of thuggery by the left:

As you can see, one of the BLM women came up and sucker punched him from behind.

But Joe Biden wants “unity”…right? Give me a break.

After 4 years of Democrats and the media calling us “nazis”, this behavior is more than acceptable to the left.

They wanted war. Sadly, they’re getting it.

Stay safe out there, folks. It is rapidly becoming open season on Trump supporters in America. 

And, if the left completes the steal of the 2020 election, that just might be the new norm.