Sidney Powell Responds to Tucker Carlson’s Harsh Criticism

Sidney Powell has been a beacon of hope for Trump-Supporters across the country. For the last couple of weeks, Powell has been waging war against the corrupt democratic establishment on both the state and national level.

Most people know by now that General Mike Flynn’s former attorney has laid out some pretty extreme allegations in regards to the 2020 election. From Ballot-Harvesting, to Corruption of Voting Machines, to the outright discarding of ballots cast for President Trump – Sidney Powell is leaving no stone unturned and has made that clear in just about every one of her interviews.

Last night, Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson had a lot to say about Sidney Powell. Some of what was said was complimentary, and some of it was highly critical.

In case you missed it, here is what Carlson said:

Tucker explained that Powell has yet to provide a shred of concrete evidence thus far, even when the show “politely” requested any evidence she had. He explained that Fox News would be willing to give Powell the entire week to go through everything she had on the cable news network, but she has declined their invitations. Tucker went on to say that Powell became “angry” and asked the show to stop contacting her.

Understandably, many viewers took great offense to the remarks made about the highly qualified attorney. A notable percentage of republican news-watchers are “cancelling” Tucker Carlson as of this morning, stating that he’s “flipped” or that he is showing his true “corporate media colors”.

Regardless of why Carlson chose to speak the way he did about Sidney Powell, Powell was asked to respond to his criticisms this morning on Fox Business.

Here is what she had to say:

Powell explained that she sent an affidavit to the show – one that had not even been attached to a pleading yet, meaning that it was essentially hot off the press

“I offered him another witness that could explain the mathematics and statistical evidence far better than I can – I’m not really a numbers person”, Powell responded.

The most startling part of Powell’s response came right at the end.

“[Tucker] was very insulting, demanding, and rude and I told him not to contact me again in those terms.”

It is tough to imagine the tenured Fox News anchor being so unprofessional during a request for interview with Sidney Powell – however, that is what the attorney explained for the world to hear.

Tucker Carlson has been a staple of conservative views and truth in the news media for years and is still currently the most watched cable-news anchor in the United States. 

We’re not sure why Carlson chose to speak the way he did of Sidney Powell – it is highly uncharacteristic of him. Some speculators say this Carlson may be attempting to create a turning point in the investigation that may incite Powell to start dropping concrete evidence for the world to see – but this is only speculation. As we all know, Powell is not required to provide evidence to anybody other than the courts.

Hopefully this doesn’t cause too much controversy in an already on-edge republican community. Perhaps some viewers will give Carlson the benefit of the doubt on this one. We all remain patiently waiting for this whole situation to play out in the courts.