Slap In The Face! NYC’s Eric Adams USELESS Vaccine Mandate Tossed By Judge

This past Friday, in a significant rebuke to New York City Mayor Eric Adams and his absurd, illogical vaccine demands, a judge tossed out the vax mandate for police and reinstated individuals who had been terminated for not complying. Adams had ended mask requirements for private sector companies, but refused to do the same for city employees. “Apparently, COVID now has the capacity to distinguish between public and private personnel,” the New York Post quipped at the time.

Reportedly, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Lyle Frank ruled in the shocking judgment that the city’s vaccine requirement on the Police Benevolent Association was illegal to the degree it has been used to impose a new condition of employment on the union.

Frank argued that the mandate was unconstitutional since it mandated the suspension or reinstatement of all PBA members, which went beyond the “monetary sanctions” specified by statute.

Eight hundred fifty teachers in the city were dismissed last week for refusing to get mRNA immunizations, so let’s hope they get the same kind of fair treatment. These ridiculous measures were implemented by outgoing Mayor Bill de Blasio in his final days in office before handing power to Eric Adams. Adams had the opportunity to do the heroic, scientific thing, but instead, he showed himself to be nothing more than a spineless creature of the muck.

Already, absurd city officials have said they plan to file an appeal. The reason for such a foolish action is yet to be unveiled. In August, news emerged that New York City police officers were leaving in droves due to a lack of resources and procedures that made no sense. Vaccines, meanwhile, have been shown to be ineffective at preventing the spread of COVID. The vaccination has been banned in many European nations for people under the age of 50, and its sole remaining benefit—that it protects against major illness and death—is now also being called into question.

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To be unambiguously clear, this Court does not deny that at the time it was issued, the vaccine mandate was appropriate and lawful,” Justice Frank wrote in his ruling, calling the city’s Department of Mental Health and Hygiene assertion that it could impose the vaccine demand through dismissal, unpaid leave, or suspension a “gross overstatement.” “To implement the vaccine mandate, the city hasn’t established a legal basis or lawful authority for the DOH to exclude employees from the workplace and take any other adverse employment action.

In addition, the judge decided that any such new employment condition must be included in an agreement of collective bargaining. That is to say, unelected bureaucrats in the healthcare industry shouldn’t be able to impose massive new regulations with little to no accountability.

Excellent refutation of the extreme COVID measures that many of us had to endure during the epidemic. It’s a massive setback for Mayor Eric Adams’s reputation, who has failed to demonstrate the strength and reason that many hoped he would when we said farewell to Bill de Blasio. Our lives have been ruined long enough by obsessive, nameless, unelected technocrats, and hopefully, this is the beginning of the end for them.

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