So Funny: New York’s Leftist Governor Humiliated by Angry Crowd [VIDEO]

Brandon isn’t the only one who is getting booed in stadiums around the country, though cries “Let’s Go Brandon” might have been one of the most widespread American protests in a long time, particularly on the conservative side.

No, New York’s Governor, Kathy Hochul, just got utterly humiliated at a New York Rangers hockey game, with the crowd openly showing its derision when she appeared at the game.

You see, perhaps she would have slipped under the radar and escaped the scorn thrown at her by New Yorkers had she just sat quietly in the stands, but she was outed by her own desire to be seen: she dropped the ceremocial first puck, and those opened up a broadside to the public.

And, lest the crowd had any doubts about who she is, the announcer made sure the crowd knew just who was dropping the puck, saying:

But first we would like to announce Kathy Hochul, the first female governor of our state. Governor Hochul began her career in public service in the greater Buffalo area, served in Congress, and was twice elected Lieutenant Governor.

Here to drop tonight’s ceremonial first puck, a champion of women’s rights and leader of the great state of New York, please welcome Governor Kathy Hochul.

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Unsurprisingly, the crowd, many members of which have long suffered under the policies instituted by Hochul’s predecessor, Cuomo, and then maintained by her, decided not to cheer but to boo, showing the governor just what they thought of her.

The New York Post, reporting on what specifically might have caused the massive outpouring of public derision against Hochul, said:

Blowback also followed on Twitter, with some saying the reaction was due to the governor’s since-revoked statewide mask mandate, issued as the COVID-19 Omicron variant surged.

“Democrats stuffing stupidity down the throats of sports fan’s denied access. Remember who didn’t let you live life,” one person tweeted.

Whatever its cause, the booing got so intense that it continued through the point of the ceremonial puck drop, causing a ruckus and obviously humiliating Hochul.

Watch the hilarious incident here:

Unfortunately, the booing might not represent the feelings of New York voters about Hochul; the Democrat Party machine is grinding on and has put Hochul firmly in the lead, at least among Democrat voters.

As a poll for The Hill found, Hochul holds a four point lead over former Governor Cuomo in a theoretical matchup (37% to 33%), and a massive lead over the other potential candidates.

So, even though voters at the Rangers game showed their derision when Hochul dropped the puck, the Democrats among them (and New York is deep blue) apparently find her more tolerable than the other potential candidates involved in the race.

That’s unfortunate for New Yorkers, as the booing and cries of derision were quite loud and enough to indicate that her policies have caused real pain among New Yorkers, pain they’d obviously prefer to not have to experience.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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