So Much Unity! MSNBC Melts Down On Live TV, Compares GOP Rep. Boebert to Osama Bin Laden

MSNBC hack Chris Hayes used a chunk of his show on Tuesday night to claim that Colorado GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert is comparable to a terrorist because she dared to display her guns.

During a segment on his show, Hayes began by noting how Boebert recently displayed her guns on the wall behind her while she took part in a virtual congressional hearing.

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This sent Hayes over the edge, who then compared her to the late Osama Bin Laden, the late terrorist who was the leader of al Qaeda.

Bin Laden was the mastermind behind the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks that killed nearly 3,000 Americans after the terrorists crashed two planes into the Twin Towers and hijacked two others.

Hayes claimed that the Republican Party is “now signaling they retain the right to use violence to overthrow the government at any time.”

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Hayes then showed an image of Boebert and her background, which featured two ARs, a shotgun, and her famous Glock.

“Do you notice something different with the bookshelves? Not just a stockpile of weapons sitting behind her, there is a deeper meaning to this image. An implicit threat, too,” he whined.

He then pathetically claimed she had a “stockpile” of weapons and whined that she “built her political identity around guns.”

Last Thursday, she zoomed into a virtual congressional hearing with just a mess of guns piled on the bookshelf behind her. AR-15-style rifles, a handgun just laying across a bunch of books. Boebert, who’s raising four young boys later tweeted the guns are not in storage, but are, quote, “ready for use.”

Apparently, she just leaves them out because she fears she may need to fire multiple rounds of ammo for someone who comes into her — den?


“You know, lots of people immediately noted that the use of guns in that way as props and the implicit threat that comes with them has a, you know, long, not necessarily great history among various movements around the globe,” he opined.

Hayes then compared her to Osama bin Laden because he had posed with a gun in front of books.

“Osama bin Laden, for one, liked to pose in front of a bookshelf with a gun prominently displayed. The Irish Republican Army would display guns in its propaganda posters and its murals. Cuban revolutionaries, they posed with guns all the time, too,” he said.

After noting “no single side of the spectrum has a monopoly on this aesthetic,” he accused the Congresswoman of undermining “democratic” norms.

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“A movement or faction that puts images of guns, the celebration of guns front and center in its political aesthetic, is a movement who’s engaging in something other than what we might call the normal rhetoric of elected democratic politics,” he sneered.

He added: “You can’t escape the meaning of it. It communicates that they’re committed to, or at the very least open to the possibility of violent overthrow of the government or the existing order. And now, in the Republican Party, it seems like it’s becoming common and unremarkable.”

This is what now passes as “journalism” in the mainstream media.

Imagine the reaction if Fox host Tucker Carlson had compared Nancy Pelosi to a terrorist.

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