SO PEACEFUL! 15 People Are Now Dead As A Direct Results Of The Riots

The so-called “mainstream media” has long since stopped ‘reporting’ on the widespread looting and riots now completely detached from the death of Minneapolis man George Floyd and instead slants coverage to push the same Left-wing Marxist agenda they’ve been pushing for decades.

As such, there are a number of real impactful stories the establishment press is ignoring that need to be told if we are to fully understand the implications of all of the lawlessness – such as, the number of people who have been killed as a result of the violence.

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As The Daily Caller notes, the deaths of 15 Americans, so far, can be directly attributed to the rioting and looting and flagrant intolerance being shown by ‘peaceful protesters’ who have singular political mindsets and objectives and no tolerance for differences of opinion:

While many protests following [Floyd’s] death remained peaceful, in cities like Minneapolis, Washington, D.C., and New York City, violence erupted and led to looting, vandalism and buildings set ablaze.

Violence consumed countless mom-and-pop businesses, many owned by minorities and immigrants, leaving behind a desert of small business, with little recourse but to plead for the public to donate to online fundraising campaigns. Insurance is not a panacea for destruction caused by looting in most of these cases.

Worse, there are elected officials — most of them Left-wing extremists — who are excusing the violence. One of them is Seattle Councilmember Tammy Morales, who said “what I don’t want to hear is for our constituents to be told to be civil, not to be reactionary, to be told that looting doesn’t solve anything” at a council session Monday.

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In addition, Sally Kohn, a liberal political commentator, tweeted: “Property is insured and can be replaced. Lives cannot. Check your priorities, America.”

But that’s just it: The destruction of property is leading to the kind of violence that is getting people killed. 

The Daily Caller listed the 15 persons who, thus far, have lost their lives in protests. They include demonstrators and business owners, a retired police captain, family members, loved ones, and nearly all of them innocent bystanders before riots and violence found them. 
At the same time, though it’s no big deal to Sally Kohn because, you know, ‘buildings can be replaced,’ many structures that have been looted, burned down, or hollowed out were businesses that belonged to Americans who stuck their life savings into starting them and building them. Most of these same businesses were already under great economic stress after having been shut down as ‘non-essential’ by coronavirus stay-at-home orders not all governors and mayors followed.

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It’s not yet known how many of those businesses aren’t coming back, but it’s safe to say the final number will be more than just a few. And yet, the protests continue, as does a great deal of the unrest – despite the fact that we’ve all gotten the message about the injustice done to George Floyd.

Over these past few weeks, Americans have lost their lives through the violent acts of others, which is pretty damned ironic and hypocritical when you consider that all of the protesting has come following an unjustified death due to violence.

But most Americans aren’t even thinking about that because the garbage American media is too busy pushing the Communist manifesto of ‘revolution.’

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