SO WOKE: NFL to Stencil 'End Racism' in End Zones And Let Players Wear Decals of Victims

Remember the days when Americans could turn on sports and escape from the day’s often-maddening and regularly ridiculous political, cultural, and societal debates, enjoying contests as unified fans?

Well, thanks to the Marxist Left – which seeks to destroy every American tradition and cultural norm – those days are over.


The NFL has gotten ‘woke’: Though once notoriously restrictive about policies guiding the wearing of uniforms and the look of the playing field, the league announced Tuesday it will allow players’ uniforms to become ‘social justice’ platforms but only for certain people.

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USA Today reports:

NFL players will be allowed to wear helmet decals honoring victims of systemic racism and end zones will feature the messages of "It Takes All of Us" and "End Racism" for home openers this season.

These efforts were revealed as the league informed teams in a memo Monday of its plans to amplify social justice initiatives. NFL Network and ESPN were the first to report the contents of that memo.

This effort comes just over three weeks after the league announced it would play “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” also known as the Black national anthem, before every Week 1 game. The NFL's regular-season opener is scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 10, and features the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs hosting the Houston Texans.

Other sports leagues have adopted similar policies and who knows if they’ll be permanent or not; that’ll all depend on how well-received (or widely rejected) they are by fans, though the leagues and their players don’t really seem to care all that much what all fans think.

The NFL, however, is being especially hypocritical.

Four years ago after a black terrorist assassinated five Dallas police officers – who were protecting a Black Lives Matter demonstration, by the way – the NFL refused to allow the Dallas Cowboys to place a small sticker on the helmets of players denoting “Arm in Arm” unity with the police department and as a sign of respect and mourning.

Do you know why the league refused? Uniform policy.

Now, suddenly, those strict uniform policies don’t matter anymore because it’s not woke to show less than full support for a Marxist political organization that has disguised itself as a ‘civil rights and reform’ group – Black Lives Matter.

What’s worse is the lies that are being told to justify the league’s wokeness. The victims whose names will adorn at least some NFL helmets during the coming season – Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery – were indeed killed by police (the latter a former police officer and his son), but there is no systemic racism by police against persons of color. It’s a myth.

What’s more, this virtue-signaling wokeness is absurdly racist and exclusionary. Only black victims of police shooting are ‘allowed’ to be honored and remembered despite the fact that police kill more unarmed white people every year than blacks (and in fact, such shooting deaths are rare overall).

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But we don’t know their names because the media hasn’t blown their cases up into a national ‘crisis.’

The NFL can do what it wants; it’s a private business and league.

But so can fans. And the word is, more than a few are done being called racist bigots in not so many words through the league’s exclusionary ‘social justice’ practices.