“Socialism Is Dead In England. Hurrah!”; Farage Celebrates Decline Of Labour Party In The UK

According to Brexit Leader Nigel Farage, socialism is finally dead in England. In a recent UK election, the Labour Party managed to lose more of their core voters, and Mr. Farage notes that this has to do with the leftist party’s failure to understand why the British working class is not happy about third-world mass migration into the country.

The British political activist is currently on tour in the United States to energize conservative grassroots activists given their slowdown during the Biden presidency. Farage said that the “champagne socialists” of England have been driving voters away with their open-borders agenda.

This open borders agenda has a very low-cost to elites everywhere, but a very high cost to the working class who usually sees an increase in taxes and a depression of wages as they continue to experience mass immigration; this is true in Europe, England, and of course, The United States.

“The big thing that really has driven voters away from Labour has been just a completely open border — mass numbers of people coming into Britain illegally and legally — and of course, the champagne socialists in London don’t think it matters,” the Brexiteer told Fox News’s Laura Ingraham on Tuesday.


Farage said that for the political elite, more migration in mass just means “cheaper nannies and cheaper chauffeurs, but out there in the working-class communities in the old industrial heartlands, they saw big changes to their lives”.

“When you add to that the fact that Labour now wants to take the knee to Marxist organizations like Black Lives Matter, who are happy to see British history denounced, well, these people don’t want to vote Labour.”

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“We know our history is not perfect, but most of us are very proud of what our little island has done for much of the world and when the left wants to constantly attack it, tear it down, make us feel ashamed of ourselves, it doesn’t work.”

Finally, he exclaimed “That’s why socialism is dead in England. Hurrah!” The British political commentator and activists said that Labour drove out their working-class voters because they felt disaffected, and that now that they started voting conservative “they won’t go back.”

The Brit made a prediction for the US as well, and he said that the 2022 midterm elections will mirror Britain’s sharp turn to the right. He noted that there are “enormous” parallels on issues such as immigration, which has spiraled out of control under Joe Biden.

“Just look at the southern border in this country you’ve got a similar type of crisis here. I’m quite sure that the AOCs of this world don’t think it really matters, but out there in working-class communities in America, it does matter,” he said, in reference to far-left Democrat congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“It’s a huge opportunity for 2022,” Farage added.

Of course, that remains to be seen, given the lack of trust many Americans have for the current state of the electoral system in the United States.