Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Retirement Just Got Very Real — And People are Noticing Her Blatant Hypocrisy

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is now sending all of the right signals that her retirement is imminent. A hedge fund manager is reporting that Pelosi has entered in a contract to purchase a Florida mansion for an inordinate sum of money.

“Nancy Pelosi just went into contract to buy a Florida oceanfront mansion listed for $25,000,000,” Gabe Hoffman said. “Just checked with top broker in area who confirmed this information: 10,000 sf property on Jupiter Island just changed to ‘pending’ on MLS.”

“Upon close of transaction, typically in 30 days, the net sale price will be a couple million lower than listed price, to reflect commission & property tax deductions,” Hoffman noted.

“The Buyer may be possibly listed as Pelosi-related 3rd party, Land Trust, or holding corporation,” Hoffman continued. “Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, is extremely wealthy, and may likely be represented on Buyer documentation at closing. Pelosi is apparently not afraid of oceans rising due to climate change,” he added.

Indeed, Pelosi is not the only wealthy Democrat Party politician who has whipped up climate hysteria while purchasing beach front property.

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Climate guru Al Gore bought an $8.9 million ocean front villa in secluded Montecito, California in 2010.

Former President Obama has ocean front property in both Hawaii and in Martha’s Vineyard. Here is the Obamas’ oceanfront estate in Waimanalo, Hawaii, which was granted an “environmental exemption.”

Then there is Barack Obama’s Martha’s Vineyard property, where he hosted a “superspreader event” for his 60th birthday.

The examples of Democratic Party politicians and celebrities ignoring their own apocalyptic climate change rhetoric are endless.

But Nancy Pelosi’s believed retirement to Florida after a shellacking for her party in the 2021 November elections, and expected decimation in the 2022 midterms, would be hypocritical for more reasons than merely the beachfront property’s location. Florida is also the “ground zero” of hysterical Covid myths spread by the Democratic Party.

The Sunshine State currently has one of the lowest Covid case rates in the country, even after experiencing a massive third wave. Florida instituted no new lockdowns, mask mandates, vaccine mandates, or vaccine passports in order to accomplish this ‘miracle’ in the Covid fight.

The reaction to Pelosi’s imminent retirement as a U.S. official was met with crowing about the politician’s endless hypocrisy.

That’s the “socialist” Democratic Party for you: Destroy the nation with policies that leave your home riddled with drug-addicted homeless people, Covid hysteria, and BLM-crazed rioters, then flee your state’s insane taxes to retire in a red state where people are prosperous and free.

Actions speak louder than words. Always.

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