Special Agent Says FBI Source's 2014 Claim Regarding Michael Flynn Was Wrong

It’s becoming crystal clear that former National Security Adviser and three-star Army general Michael Flynn is the most wrongly persecuted American ever to serve his country.

The Daily Caller reported Monday that the lead FBI agent during the investigation of Flynn told prosecutors that allegations by a confidential source involving the one-time director of the Defense Intelligence Agency in 2014 was very likely fake, a government document notes. 


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The DC notes further:

Special Agent William Barnett said in an interview with a federal prosecutor on Sept. 17 that the Crossfire Hurricane team obtained the information about Flynn from a confidential human source (CHS) who provided information regarding Carter Page.

Barnett, who works in the FBI’s Washington field office, said that the CHS harbored suspicions about Flynn following an event the retired general attended in 2014 in which he unexpectedly left with another person.

The allegation matches closely with a rumor that appeared in the media regarding Flynn and a Russian-British researcher at the University of Cambridge in February 2014.

In an investigative memo previously released as part of the criminal case against Flynn, Barnett said that the source claimed to be a witness to the incident. In addition, the memo said that Flynn's contact was Russian.

In the latest memo, Barnett notes that he at first thought the information was concerning and "potentially significant" as it pertained to the investigation of Flynn.

However, Barnett would note that intelligence analysts were not able to find information that corroborated the report regarding Flynn's contact. As such, the FBI contacted foreign intelligence services for information regarding the Flynn probe but could not find anything derogatory about Flynn or the CHS, according to the memo.

The memo notes that Barnett makes it plain he didn't believe the source's claim that Flynn left the event with the person in question, but the memo doesn't say whether or not Barnett thinks the source was not being truthful about the incident.

“BARNETT found the idea FLYNN could leave an event, either by himself or [redacted] without the matter being noted as not plausible,” the memo says.

“With nothing to corroborate the story, BARNETT thought the information was not accurate.”

Barnett discussed aspects of the Flynn investigation with U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Jensen of the Eastern District of Missouri, himself a former FBI agent. Barnett also found issue with the basis of the probe into Flynn, whose code name was "Crossfire Razor." He said that the predication for launching an investigation into Flynn in the first place was "not great" and that "did not understand the point" of it. 

So in other words, this thing with Flynn was a set-up from start to finish; the man who ran one of the government’s leading intelligence agencies for the military – and who had to have been vetted six ways to Sunday prior to being given clearance to run such an agency – was suddenly supposed to have been a Russian asset?

How stupid and implausible does that sound on its face, especially considering that Flynn spent the bulk of his Army career in intelligence?

"Barnett wrote that the FBI source claimed to have witnessed Flynn and a person of Russian nationality leave an event together. The source said they believed that the person’s father was a Russian oligarch. According to Barnett, the source said that the Flynn event occurred in 2014 while he was still in the U.S. intelligence community," The DC reported.

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"Svetlana Lokhova, a former researcher at the University of Cambridge, told The Daily Caller News Foundation that she believes she is the person who the FBI source mentioned to investigators," the report added.

But she studied Soviet-era espionage at Cambridge; she was never listed as a spy asset for Moscow, though U.S. and British intelligence had their concerns about her after her interactions with Flynn -- who, again, spent decades in the intelligence world and would likely be able to spot a foreign agent.

In any event, this is just the latest evidence proving that the man who was targeted by the Obama-era FBI (led by James Comey, lest we never forget) has been so severely wronged it's hard to believe all of this is real.


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