Steve Bannon Makes Mind-Blowing Prediction For 2020

On Sunday morning, Steve Bannon joined Maria Bartiromo on Fox News to discuss President Donald Trump’s chances of winning re-election in 2020, the ongoing trade wars with China and Mexico as well as the Democrat Party’s insanity.

At one point, Bartiromo asked Bannon about the President’s border policies. Bannon responded by making the shocking claim that he thinks President Trump will capture 40%-50% of the hispanic vote in 2020.

“To defeat Donald Trump you have to defeat him,” Bannon said. “He’s the toughest candidate I’ve seen in my lifetime. Tougher than Ronald Reagan. And so you’re going to have to bring it… Remember what President Trump is trying to do on the border is all about the rule of law. I happen to think he’s going to get 40 or 50% of the Hispanic vote in this country.”

WATCH the clip below:


Bannon went on to say that he doesn’t think that any of the Democratic candidates who are in the race have the ability of beating President Trump in 2020. He then made the appalling claim that the left may need to recruit someone like Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, or Michael Bloomberg to stop President Trump.

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Check out the transcript below provided by Real Clear Politics:

STEVE BANNON: I said this last week, Maria, I don’t see anybody on that stage right now that can take President Trump one on one. I pride myself, he’s called me his star pupil, his top pupil, I’ve been studying this thoroughly and I don’t care what the polls say on Biden. Joe Biden is not going to be able to stand up to Donald Trump. He’s weak on China, you’ve seen what he’s said the last couple of days. If the Democratic Party thinks that Joe Biden is going to be able to go one-on-one with Donald Trump in the general election campaign they’ve got another thing coming. He will run the tables on Biden.

Now the second-tier candidates or the other candidates, like Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren — I just haven’t seen it on that stage and I certainly haven’t seen it in Iowa, where I think they are taking a very unsophisticated approach to China. I just haven’t seen it. 

I don’t believe, and I say this, I’m not so sure that his opponent has even declared yet. I think you got to watch guys like Hillary Clinton, Bloomberg, Michelle Obama, a whole raft of potential that they should look at very closely. Because the Democrats’ number one focus is to defeat Donald Trump, so I’m not so sure there’s a candidate up there right now, certainly, nobody on that stage takes on Trump one on one. 

MARIA BARTIROMO: So you think Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton or Michael Bloomberg can still come into this race?

BANNON: Oh, I think there’s going to be ample opportunity to come into this race later in November, December, even when the primary starts. Maybe a candidate can’t win the primary season but they can take it into the convention. Look, the Democrats are going to be very focused on one thing. This is why Tom Steyer jumped in so late two weeks ago. The Democrats are focused on defeating Donald Trump. They realize, unlike the Republican establishment, he’s an historic figure and a transformative president. They want to, just like in 2018, they are totally focused like on the House of Representatives, they are focused on defeating Trump. That’s where they want to go and I’ve got to tell you, in the primary season, I think there’s a number of potential Democratic candidates still out there that could join this race.

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