Super WOKE Massachusetts School District Ends Shocking Practice After Lawsuit

For several decades the civil rights movement worked to end segregation. In a day ingrained into American history, on Sept. 10, 1963, those fighting for the integration of the schools, was able to get 20 twenty black students into Alabama white-only public schools following a standoff between federal authorities and Gov. George C. Wallace.

In spite of anti-integration politicians, like Senator Joesph Biden, trying to stop the bussing of black students from poor-performing schools, to those with more resources, with predominantly white students, schools have become integrated through the U.S.A.

Unfortunately in the past decade especially, radical social justice activists have been working to integrate social justice ideology, including Critical Race Theory, into the school’s curriculum, leading the far-left fringe to return to segregating the students once more.

A public school district in Massachusetts agreed to end its race-based “affinity groups” and “bias reporting system,” according to a settlement agreement published Monday by the concerned parent organization Parents Defending Education (PDE).

Parents Defending Education had sued Wellesley Public Schools for holding the racially segregated activities last year. In the newly announced settlement agreement, the district agreed to never hold them again.

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The lawsuit was filed after the district implemented its bias reporting system at the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year, according to the settlement. In 2021, the district held three affinity-based group sessions, one for “Black and Brown students and alumni” in February, another for “Asian or Asian American and Pacific Islander students (AAPI), faculty/staff, and others within the [Black, Indigenous, and People of Color] community” in March. A final session was held in April for Asian-American and Pacific Islander students.

Parents Defending Education President Nicole Neily said in a statement that the organization was “thrilled that Wellesley Public Schools has agreed to respect both the First and Fourteenth Amendment rights of its students going forward.”

“This settlement sends a clear message that racially segregating students in public schools is wrong – and there will be consequences,” Neily said. “We have spent decades teaching our kids that racial segregation was and will always be wrong. We will not tolerate a return to segregation in 2022.”

The district’s bias reporting system “has been replaced and will never be reinstated,” according to a press release from PDE.


The Washington Examiner reports:

Parents Defending Education says it has identified several education consulting groups that have advocated for the use of “affinity groups” based on racial identity. Those programs, the organization says, have appeared in school districts from New Haven, Connecticut, to Fort Worth, Texas, and Wilmington, Delaware.

Additionally, race-based affinity groups have surfaced in numerous school districts. Some districts, such as Washington, D.C., and Indianapolis, only used them for staff, while others, including Seattle and Denver, have implemented them for students.

“PDE’s lawsuit and the resulting settlement means Wellesley Public Schools may no longer treat students differently on the basis of race while ignoring the guaranteed protections of the Fourteenth Amendment – nor intentionally chill student speech while ignoring the guaranteed protections of the First Amendment,” Parents Defending Education said.

Just as Gomer Pile famously would famously say when hearing about the wrongful actions taken by those who should have known better; Shame, Shame, Shame, so I say of those working in the Wellesley Public Schools administration.

It is unacceptable that radicals in modern-day America would segregate their students by race, forcing parents to take them to court, just like President John F. Kennedy was required to force Gov. George C. Wallace to stand down in the 1960s.

In reality, though, this is just another reminder that the Democratic party has always been, and continues to be the party of racists.

Written By: Eric Thompson, host of the Eric Thompson Show

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