Swalwell Holds Back TEARS As He Announces End Of His Presidential Run

Far-left Democrat Eric Swalwell dropped out of the Democratic presidential race on Monday after his presidential candidacy continued to decline.

Swalwell was notorious for grandstanding as well as pushing far left ideologies such as gun confiscation along with pushing for the impeachment of President Trump. Check out what the Washington Examiner reported:

He struggled to gain traction in a crowded Democratic primary field packed with senators, governors, and former vice president Joe Biden since announcing his candidacy in early April. He was eclipsed by other youthful candidates like Pete Buttigieg, 37, mayor of South Bend, Indiana, and Tulsi Gabbard, 38, a Hawaii congresswoman.
His most memorable campaign moment came in the first debate when he attacked Biden, 76, on age. "I was six years old when a presidential candidate came to the California Democratic Convention and said it’s time to pass the torch to a new generation of Americans," Swalwell, the third-youngest Democratic presidential primary candidate, said. "That candidate was then-Senator Joe Biden."
A staple of CNN and a member of the House Intelligence Committee, Swalwell is a frequent and trenchant critic of President Trump, recently calling for his impeachment.
Last week, Swalwell abruptly canceled a New Hampshire campaign swing that was scheduled for July 3 and 4.
He hinted in June that he would drop out of the presidential race to focus on his congressional reelection bid if support flagged. “I hope to be part of the field as it shrinks. If I don’t, I’m going to be realistic about my options,” Swalwell said.


During his announcement that he would no longer be running for president, Swalwell fought to hold back tears.


Swalwell's presidential campaign was a total disaster. The far-left Democrat struggled to even reach 1% in the Democratic primary polls. 

The Washington Examiner continues:

Fundraising totals since Swalwell's April launch are not yet public, but his campaign had not announced passing the Democratic National Committee's 64,000 donor threshold to secure his spot in the second round of Democratic primary debates at the end of July.
He took the stage in the first round of June presidential primary debates through securing 1% support in three qualifying polls, but tie-breaking qualification procedures mean that Montana Gov. Steve Bullock is likely to bump Swalwell from the July debates after securing more 1% qualifying polls following the first debates.
Swalwell seemed unlikely to make the October debates, which have much higher qualification thresholds of 130,000 donors plus 2% support in four polls.

Twitter made sure to make fun of the congressman. Check out some of the popular tweets trolling Swalwell.

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