Take-Home Pay for Americans Sees MAJOR Decline As Biden-Era Inflation Soars (Details)

Democrats like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris don’t want to see American citizens working. No, they want to see American citizens relying on the government for absolutely everything, always.

Cradle to grave, y’all. Cradle to grave.

The new jobs numbers are bad news, just as everybody thought would be the case, month after month, with a socialist at the helm of the world’s most powerful nation.

From The Daily Wire:

On Friday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that consumer price inflation has reached a 6.8% rate — the largest year-over-year increase since June 1982, as well as the sixth straight month in which inflation has remained above 5%.

The agency also revealed that “real average hourly earnings” — which consider the impact of inflation upon purchasing power — fell by 0.4% between October and November. Though nominal average hourly earnings rose by 0.3%, the effects were overshadowed by a 0.8% increase in consumer prices.


More from Fortune:

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U.S. workers at private companies earned an average of $31.03 per hour in November, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Over the past year, workers’ hourly pay has increased by 4.8%.

But when you factor in inflation, real wages are down 1.9% over the past year, according to the BLS. From October to November, real average hourly earnings for all employees decreased 0.4%. Going back to the start of the pandemic, real wages have declined roughly 1% since February 2020, Furman estimated.

It’s past time for this administration to go.

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