Teachers in Pro-Trump West Virginia County Threatened with Termination For Attending D.C. Rally

There is a phenomenon fast becoming a new normal in America and it’s something most of us who have been around awhile never thought we’d see: Persecution of fellow citizens strictly because of the political beliefs they hold.

Last week, an estimated crowd of 100,000 gathered in the nation’s capital to hear a president they support give a speech. The vast majority of these same people did not break off from the main group and invade the Capitol Building, an illegal and monumentally stupid act that cost five people, including a police officer and an Air Force veteran, their lives.

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President Donald Trump neither encouraged that act of criminal violence nor did he condone it. But not only are his political enemies fabricating a narrative that he ‘incited an insurrection,’ they are using that lie to justify persecuting his supporters – the same way tyrants throughout history have used fake narratives to justify their deadly persecution of political movements and views they disagree with.

Despite the fact that voters in Jefferson County, West Virginia overwhelmingly voted to reelect President Trump, a fascistic school superintendent who is clueless about the First Amendment’s protection of political expression and speech is threatening to fire teachers who attended the event.

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WFMD reports:

Nearly 30 teachers in Jefferson County, West Virginia that attended the rally at the Capital [sic]in Washington DC on Wednesday are now being threatened with termination.

A letter was sent to the teachers by the Jefferson County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Bondy Shay Gibson. In the letter the teachers are told to report to a meeting on Tuesday, January 12, 2021 where disciplinary action, including termination, will be discussed. The teachers are encouraged to bring a representative with them. The teachers were also told to not enter any Jefferson County School’s property or attend any school activity.

This isn’t just unconstitutional it is frightening: A school superintendent is threatening to take away the livelihoods of dozens of teachers simply because they support a particular set of political viewpoints and a party – and elected leader – who espouse them.

That is dangerous. But it is beginning to happen all too frequently in the age of President Trump.

Virtually nothing that has been said about Trump – that he’s homophobic, hates Jews, is a bigot, is a fascist, is anti-immigrant, is a racist, is the second coming of Hitler – is true, and any fair-minded American will admit that.

But these phony descriptors are being used to justify horrendous treatment against fellow citizens when really all it comes down to is they simply disagree with Trump’s views and policies.

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In times past and present, tyrannical political movements have always considered such bad treatment an ‘acceptable response’ to what they wrongly claim is a tyrannical political movement. 

We simply cannot permit this kind of behavior to become the new normal in America, which was founded on the ideals of political freedom and expression.

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