Ted Cruz Blasts John Boehner Over His ‘Drunken, Bloviated Scorn’

It takes a lot to rattle Sen. Ted Cruz, and in particular, it takes a lot more than former RINO House Speaker John Boehner.

The Ohio ‘Republican’ has been making the rounds on the left-wing media circuit to hawk his new book and pound on hard-core America-first conservatives like the Texas senator. But because he doesn’t wilt in the face of adversity, Cruz owned Boehner like a seasoned heavyweight would a middleweight challenger in an interview Saturday.

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“The Swamp is unhappy,” Cruz tweeted with a clip from an upcoming CBS News interview where Boehner called Cruz a “jerk” while accusing him of “making a lot of noise” and raising a lot of money without being effective in the Senate.

“I wear with pride his drunken, bloviated scorn. Please don’t cry,” he said, a reference to Boehner’s well-known reputation for shedding tears, Fox News reported.

Boehner went on to say he doesn’t “beat up” people but he would make an exception for Cruz.

“I don’t beat anybody up, it’s not really my style, except that jerk,” he said.

“Perfect symbol, you know, of getting elected, making a lot of noise, draw a lot of attention to yourself, raise a lot of money, which means you’re gonna go make more noise, raise more money,” Boehner told CBS about how he says Cruz operates.

Fox News added:

Boehner, an Ohio Republican who served as House speaker from 2011-2015, has been making the interview rounds promoting his book, “On The House: A Washington Memoir,” which comes out next week. Boehner represented Ohio’s 8th Congressional District from 1991-2015.

The ex-speaker has taken several shots at Cruz, including while recording his audiobook when he reportedly told Cruz to “f—” himself in several off-script moments.

Cruz made a joke of it at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Florida in February, saying, “John Boehner made some news. He suggested that I do something that was anatomically impossible. To which my response was, ‘Who’s John Boehner?’” according to The Hill.

As for Boehner, he was 100-percent pure D.C. Swamp when he was still in Washington, D.C.

As the Associated Press reported in May 1996, Boehner, then the GOP Conference chairman, was forced to apologize for handing out lobbying checks from big tobacco on the floor of the House after he was questioned about it by “a few of my colleagues.”

“A New York Times column identified freshman Rep. Steve Largent as one of several lawmakers who convinced Boehner to find some other place to pass out the PAC money. Boehner’s chief of staff, Barry Jackson, confirmed that report,” the AP reported.

The chief of staff claimed that all Boehner was trying to do was help bolster cash-on-hand figures for colleagues ahead of a six-month reporting deadline in June 1995.

“We were trying to help guys who needed to get their June 30th numbers up, their cash-on-hand numbers up. All leadership does this. We have to raise money for people and help them raise money,” Jackson said.

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But the practice, while legal, was railed against by insiders and outsiders alike as pure stinking swamp.

“It’s such an outrageous activity on the face of it that it illustrates the problems of the campaign finance system,” Ellen Miller, then-executive director of the Center for Responsive Politics, told the AP.