Texas GOP Leader Allen West Sets the Record Straight on ‘Secession’

The worst part about our political divide these days is the left’s habitual inability to simply be honest.

While accusing President Donald Trump and all of his supporters of lying like it’s our job, the fact is, the modus operandi of the Democrat left is to always accuse their political opponents of what they themselves do.

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This was on full display again just days ago when the head of the Texas Republican Party, former Florida congressman and retired U.S. Army officer Allen West made some comments following the Supreme Court’s decision to toss the Lone Star State’s election lawsuit.

Understandably disappointed that the high court wrongly claimed Texas didn’t have “standing” to sue Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin for unconstitutionally changing their voting rules and procedures ahead of this year’s election – changes that very likely affected the presidential outcome – West commented that perhaps Texas should “bond together” with other “law-abiding states.”

That, we are told, was a call for secession, though West never said that.

He issued a short statement Monday ahead of electors meeting to cast their ballots for Joe Biden in which he addressed the phony claim:

Yep, today is that day when electors are chosen from the respective states, December 14th. More importantly, it is my wife Angela’s birthday. But, what good is a birthday for my wife — or any of us — if we are not living up to the charge in the Preamble of our US Constitution. Those simple words, “We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union,” are the essence, the binding fabric, to being a citizen in this Constitutional Republic.

Let us not forget, that it was Benjamin Franklin on September 17, 1787, Constitution Day, who responded to a question of whether we had a monarchy or a Republic, said, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

There are two aspects of a Republic, or as our Constitution states, a “Republican form of government:” the rule of law and individual rights, freedom, and liberty.

Therefore, I found some of the responses to these words rather perplexing, actually ignorant. I issued a response to the decision, this past Friday, by our US Supreme Court declining to hear the case brought forth by the State of Texas and enjoined by 17 other states. There are actually those who believe that I had no business responding to the decision at all. I found that humorous since I am the Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas . . . not to mention my status as a retired US Army officer who, for 22 years, swore an oath to our Constitution. But, it was these words, my closing sentence, that sent some into a delusional, apoplectic rage: “Perhaps law-abiding States should bond together and form a Union of states that will abide by the Constitution.”

Oh boy, you would have thought me to be the anti-Christ. But consider those words. They borrow from the same ideas contained in our Preamble to our Constitution of forming a more perfect Union. I am still trying to find where I said anything about “secession.”

Truth be told, the real perpetrators of secession are the states, and others, named in the suit by Texas, who enacted illegal and unconstitutional actions resulting in the violation of election laws.

I have to ask a simple question: when did it become wrong to follow the law, and ask others to do the same? When did we become so partisan, or even ignorant and incompetent, that we accept a notion that a Union of law-abiding States following the Constitution was seditious? But, a domestic terrorist group like Antifa, or illegally changing election law to the detriment of other states, is not?

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It is time we study our founding documents, and understand our fundamental principles and values,” he added. “Our rule of law clearly articulates enumerated powers, roles, and responsibilities in our Republican form of government. Courts and the executive branch do not make laws, nor change them. We are not a constitutional monarchy to be ruled by mandates, orders, decrees, and edicts.”

We couldn’t agree more. Too bad the left-wing Democratic Party doesn’t care about these truths we all used to hold dear.

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